He Curls wild, a pleasantly scratchy voice and a real Talent in terms of Songwriting: “The Finest Somersault”, the 23-year-old Pablo Dylan, just an EP with a casual, hand-crafted indie rock songs. Annoying only, that to him no one is his Talent just like that – the young musician will have to always be with his world-famous grandfather compare. And that is, of all things, the Songwriter-God, and Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, 77.


Songwriter Bob Dylan is now 77: Why is this guy still so important?

Pablo is the son of Bob Dylan’s oldest son, Jesse Dylan. It has brought itself to fame – but not in the music business, but in Hollywood. He is a Director, was, among other things, for teen movies like “How High” and “American Pie 3 – Now married”. And even as Pablo’s first musical steps ventured, his father warned that he would immediately hit a wave of criticism. Simply because he bears a famous name.

The heart of Pablo Dylan suggested actually for Hip-Hop

the 23 wanted-year-old head, who lives with his parents and his sister Mae Mae in California lure, originally, quite other music than his publicity shy grandpa. Instead of folk rock (Bob Dylan, with Folk-Hits like “Blowin’ In The Wind” and “Mr. Tambourine Man”), struck the heart of the grandson actually for Hip-Hop. His Idol was rather Eminem than Donovan. In 2011, he released his first Mix Tape, “10 Minutes”, which earned him some attention. At the time, he was only just 15. Meanwhile, Pablo, these first musical steps rather unpleasant.

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“The Finest Somersault” – out everywhere. Let me know what you think. Link in bio.

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in 2014, he launched another attempt in the matter of Rap, released the Single “Midnight”. An Album should follow, but Pablo felt that he was outgrowing the Hip-Hop scene somehow. The proposed plate was placed on ice. Instead, he took the time to grow up and make music a lot with friends. Five years later, he has now found his style. And the is the of his grandpa’s but then surprisingly similar.

As Bob Dylan would have sounded, had he been born in 1995

this Is a bad thing? No, not at all. The fresh, energetic and raw Sound Dylan could even make all those happy who were able to start with the last plates of his grandfather – which consisted solely of cover versions of Frank Sinatra Songs – not so much. As Pablo Dylan sounds just would be Bob Dylan sounded probably, he would have been born in 1995.

the relationship between The grandson and grandpa is, by the way. “There are few people I love more,” emphasized Pablo Dylan in an Interview with “Rolling Stone”. “He has given me lots of advice. I think it’s great to have him behind me because he is important to me and I am important to him.”

Pablo Dylan’s EP “The Finest Somersault” is since the 8. February available everywhere.