the final sprint for Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and his Team: Only a few hours before the Oscar night are besieged for the Film “works without the author” – nominated contender at the traditional reception at the Villa Aurora by camera crews and hundreds of guests.

The actor Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch, Saskia Rosendahl and Oliver Masucci fever in the garden of the historic Villa with Pacific ocean view, where once the writer Lion, contrary to Feuchtwanger lived, the trophies Gala.

“A bit nice and easily in the tea,” quips the main actor shilling (37) about the upcoming appearance on the red carpet. In the for the best foreign language Oscar-nominated portrait of the Artists he plays Barnert, the main character of Kurt, similar to the life of the artist icon Gerhard Richter.

“Now I’m driven to Los Angeles at the Oscar and would win the prize for Germany,” emphasizes Masucci (50). Koch (56), which is already twelve years ago, the Oscar Triumph of Donnersmarck’s Film “the lives of Others” was a little hesitant. “I don’t see the chances as very large, but everything is possible,” says the actor.

“work without the author” is among the five nominees in the category “non-English” Film, the Mexican contribution “Roma” is considered to be the Frontrunner. The Netflix production has been marketed from the streaming service with a million budget.

Donnersmarck (45) with a bit of Regret, a change in the cinema landscape with more television formats. “I’m still not quite ready, the cinema as a Medium, to abandon or to leave without a fight the super hero. But maybe I belong to the last romantics,” says the Director.

the Oscar-winning on Sunday would be to write the native of Cologne’s history. So far it is a success, nor any Director, to pick up two so-called foreign Oscars to Germany.