Katy Perry is happy with Orlando Bloom

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The relationship of singer Katy Perry (34, “Witness”) and actor Orlando Bloom (41, “The Lord of the rings”) seems to be more solid than ever. Usually, the two Stars with public displays of affection hold back, even common Red-Carpet-Performance have rarity value. Shortly before Christmas, has let themselves get carried away Katy Perry is now but a sweet Declaration of love.

due to the love holiday!

The 34-Year-old has posted on her Instagram Account, a stunning photo of a waterfall, in the Spray a rainbow of shimmers. On the right bottom of the screen a Couple Arm in Arm in the water – there’s Perry and Bloom. The singer has marked your loved one even on the photo. Both stretch an Arm in the air, the hands of a Peace sign. In the comment Perry compares her love with the “the end of a rainbow”. How romantic!

anyone Who thinks that the two lovebirds spend a romantic holiday for two, the wrong. As seen in some of the Instagram Stories of Orlando Bloom, the family – including his mother. The short video clips show the arduous walk, the group had to return to get to the waterfall. Katy Perry holds your mud-feet and the mud-Butt in the camera. But the breathtaking sight that was offered to them, was the hardships worth it. Also, since Bloom and his mother agree.