singer Bebe Rexha makes on Instagram to vent their Anger

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10. February will be the 61. Grammy Awards in Los Angeles awarded and a singer has a special reason for joy. Bebe Rexha (29, “Meant to Be”) is nominated twice for the coveted music award in the category “Best young artist” and “Best Country Duo”. But the anticipation of the most important music award in the United States is marred in the case of the 29-Year-old is now a fashionable issue.

Because the pop star dress, size 36/38, seems Rexha for many fashion designers to be too thick. No fashion house wants to dress the singer for the red carpet. With a Video and a haunting message that makes your Anger on Instagram air.

Designer you can find is too thick

“I’m finally been to the Grammys nominated, what is the Coolest, what ever happened to me,” says Rexha in the Video. Usually, the artist in such a special Event for the big designers have a dress made. But when your Team is in the fashion creators have been asked have refused many, they clothe, the singer. She had been referred to with their normal character, and the American size 8 for many, simply too thick.

“We are beautiful in every size. Big or small!”, the singer writes to your Video and makes your Fans the courage to be nothing of the fashion industry dictate. The design of clothing, they will not want to, but their message is clear: “And my “size-Eight-and-ass” will still go to the Grammys.”