around the world were able to film fans, the Academy awards in Los Angeles. The Streaming service “Mango TV”, you could pursue the glamorous ceremony in China. It’s now known, was censored for a certain scene but the one that appeals to the Rami Malek in his speech of thanks, the homosexuality of the Queen singer Freddie Mercury. The 37-Year-old had received his trophy for the presentation of the rock musician in the Biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Oscars 2019

He had to wait until 2015 for his first main role: Rami Maleks career Overview

had been thinking Maleks words extra to make outsiders courage and to give them hope, to create a company to the top, you will always be viewed differently. Like Freddie Mercury, who was the Idol of a whole Generation – even though he was an immigrant from Africa, and men loved. “We have made a Film about a gay man, an immigrant, of his life, he was, without apologizing for it. And the fact that I can take him and his story celebrate with you today, proves that we crave these stories,” said Malek, visibly moved, on the stage of the Dolby theatre.

Rami Malek wanted to make Marginalized courage

But the mention of mercury’s homosexuality was the Chinese channels seem to be dramatically. In the Translation it was for the spectators in China, from “Bohemian Rhapsody” therefore, a Film “about a man who belonged to a special group”. What is this, rhyme to the audience, apparently, yourself.

After all, the Film should be shown at least in the Chinese cinema. In the past, the government productions, which deal with the issue of homosexuality was prohibited, often. “Brokeback Mountain” or “Call Me By Your Name” were not about to see in China. Whether or not the Freddie-Mercury-Film is shown uncut and properly translated, should be questionable.