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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald is a journalist who has worked for some of the reputed print and electronic media house in the country.
Following the well-known nuclear accidents on Chernobyl (1986), Three Mile Island (1979) as well as Fukushima (2011), all three of which were devastated by a core reactor collapse, leading to the release of fatal levels of radiation to the...
Still yet, Halloween was here with us and left-it is a moment when all things phantom and in a ghostly gather way on top of one’s mind. The idea of AI-powered robots ruling the entire world has spread a pinch...
In a report published by the International Atomic Energy Agency in November, announced their new report named Adapting the Energy Sector to Climate Change, the effects of both gradual and extreme climatic conditions on energy production are explored, as...
An industry-academia collaboration that is in Spain has been able to make drinking straws, which are based on bioplastic produced by the bacteria which are expected to hit the market in next few days. This collaboration does include companies...
CEO Dan Goldberg in November 5 Confirmed that Telesat Canada would choose the winner of the current three-way race to create his or her own low Earth orbit broadband constellation in early 2020, instead of the current year.  In an...
Inmarsat, the world’s leader at mobile satellite communications, recently got backing from its counterpart Arianespace to launch its GX5 satellite. The launch is set to take place at the Guiana Space Centre located in Kourou, French Guiana, on Friday...
As part of its Artemis Moon project, NASA has on November 18, added five more companies to join and be eligible to apply for missions. Joining the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program (CLPS) are Blue Origin, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada...
It seems much for California on the new groundbreaking policy, which talks about solar panels on newly made homes.  The policymakers have not conducted any consultation, yet the securities are creating catchy ideas. This kind of step will make...
According to Washington news, a total of $13 million was spent to allow the continuation of the constellation of small satellites. The small satellites are created to carry a mixture of payloads for those customers who do not fly...
India is back again with another mission named 'Chandrayaan 3'. Despite the failed attempt, the country has not yet given it aims to touch down on the moon's surface. A few months back, the ISRO has failed in its previous...


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China’s electric car market experiences shakeout as Tesla rebounds

The deal figure of Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle entity by the name Tesla Inc., is said to have recovered by nearly 92...