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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald is a journalist who has worked for some of the reputed print and electronic media house in the country.
Blue Origin will have to be patient for at least a day more to fly its first space task in seven months following bad weather that distracted a sendoff trial on December 10.  Blue origin wrote on its official twitter...
Rocket Lab just set free 7 satellites to orbit and comprehended a thing or two on taking the booster back down to earth for reuse.  The two-stage Electron rocket launched from the entity’s New Zeeland liftoff destination on December 6...
On November 18, Ajit Pal, FCC Chairman, informed the congress that instead of permitting satellite operators to sell the C-section band directly to 5G wireless operators, the team would perform an auction of the C-band spectrum.  In more than a...
According to New York CNN business news, electric vehicles might be the future for the auto industry. As a result, they may outdo traditional vehicles. The workers experience many difficulties, which are; the new electric vehicles are composed of fewer...
The rebate program of California to persuade more drivers to purchase electric vehicles just got less useful for those who want to spend more on luxury models. Regulators of the state have seized giving out offers for purchasers of electric...
The air force assistant secretary for acquisition, technology, and logistics Will Roper, together with Lt. Gen. John “JT” Thompson, Air force space is dedicated to working more closely with innovation companies.  On November 6, Thompson told the reporters in a...
Although public utilities for Longmont, Loveland, Estes Park, and Fort Collins have been ahead of schedule, in Pat Connors, VP of Platte River Power, the last 50 percent and in particular the last 10 percent is much more challenging...
NASA is looking forward to extending the possibilities of astronaut activities in low-Earth orbit. The agency recently declared that it is planning to buy a seat on a private mission to the International space station within the upcoming five...
The world population has grown exponentially since the 200AD. From minimal numbers back then to several billion currently. The rise of industrial production and farming (not to mention the technology of the modern world). In 1800, it took a...
Following the well-known nuclear accidents on Chernobyl (1986), Three Mile Island (1979) as well as Fukushima (2011), all three of which were devastated by a core reactor collapse, leading to the release of fatal levels of radiation to the...


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Bad weather is to blame for delaying of Blue Origin Launch...

Blue Origin will have to be patient for at least a day more to fly its first space task in seven months following bad...