When it is dark and cuddled just cozy in bed, then come the Fears. For doing a horror idea. For people who like creepy, this is exactly the desired effect. And who belongs to this group of enthusiastic fans of psycho-thrillers, and co., will love our list. We have not heard for you in advance and pre-selection of the scariest psychological Thriller and crime novels in audiobook form.

What makes a good psychological Thriller?

This can be quite different. It is close to your own life? The Empathy in the victim, or the cruelty of the deeds? Each author has his own means to the reader in its spell.


Sebastian Fitzeks “The occupant”

Between delusion and reality: Who’s sitting here, really?

those familiar with the books by Sebastian Fitzek, will know that his stories never have just one page and all the suspicions of the reader can be quickly by a turn of the head.

Andreas Winkelmann it is the personal closeness and perceived normality, in which its stories play. Here, you can put yourself in the reader extremely well in the situations. Stephen King staged the Supernatural and plays with childhood memories. Completely different Thriller-worlds that draw us into their spell.

you shudder!

With barely a Genre, we have so much in Emotion as in the psycho-Thriller, because the’re usually quite nice under the skin. Because it is precisely through the use of voice and music a very special atmosphere is created in an audiobook. And that’s exactly why so many people thrillers are fascinated. We have compiled our list of the best audiobook Thriller for you.