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Today November 11, Veterans Day was marked by generations of NASA astronauts in space and on earth. That did not come as a surprise because more than 60% of active astronauts have worked in some of the military branches.  Johnson Space Center belonging to NASA overlooks the astronaut corps. The veterans comprise astronaut Andrew Morgan, who is working and living currently on the International Space Station in nine months. 

“It is a favor to honor our country’s veterans today,” Morgan wrote on his Twitter account. He added that his family’s military service extended through a series of generations, portraying the International branch. He says that he honors all vets by coming up with reminders of his family’s military legacy into space with him.

An ex-NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon 50 years ago, also was in attendance during the Veterans Day, he joined the New York City’s Veterans Day Parade. Before he joined the astronauts’ corps, Aldrin had served in the Air force, having attended West point and flew combat missions during the Korean War.

Aldrin just before the parade, on his official Twitter account said that he was proud to be part of “100 years of Veterans Day and 50 years of Apollo,” branches shared pictures from the event with the caption “ God  bless all that served this wonderful country.” 

The ceremony also happened on the 53rd anniversary of Aldrin’s first mission to space on November 11, 1966. During the flight that took four days, they dubbed it as Gemini 12, Jim Lovell together with him who later pursued to fly in the Apollo 8 and Apollo 13 mission on the moon’s surface. They concluded that the Gemini initiative prepared NASA fort the moon-landing. The event attracted some familiar faces together once more, among them was former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, other functions included a “man on the moon” a parade that showed astronauts in classic corvettes, a huge Saturn V rocket projectile on the in Washington and revealing of astronaut Neil Armstrong suit. 

The suit Neil Armstrong wore back then when he made that famous “one small step” on the moon on July 19, 1969, is displayed at Washington’s National Air and Space Museum.

Neil Armstrong initially possessed the 1967 corvette was part of the “Man on the moon’s cocoa beach parade in Florida on July 13.

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current