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Blue Origin will have to be patient for at least a day more to fly its first space task in seven months following bad weather that distracted a sendoff trial on December 10. 

Blue origin wrote on its official twitter account that they were scrubbing that day’s New Shepard launch because of view weather conditions. They added that their next launching attempt would be the day after in the morning, 11, Wednesday, December. They have not yet confirmed the exact launching date. 

One would be in a position to watch the new launch of Shepard on, brought to you by the Blue origin, starting about 30 minutes before the launch. You may also view the liftoff directly from their website. 

The non-governmental spaceflight entity, founded by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, expected to sendoff a suborbital New Shepherd space shuttle from West Texas experiment site at 11:30 a.m. EST (1630 GMT,), though was constrained to postpone the launch because of bad weather conditions. 

The vehicle used to fly the NS-12 mission will be making its six-space lift after its launch. The mission is the ninth commercial launch of Blue Origin and includes experiments for customers, NASA and universities among the 100th commercial payload. 

Packed among the payloads is a way of NASA doing the space trash recycling experiment dubbed as OSCAR; A student experiment of a Columbia University to learn their impact of weightlessness on cell biology; and a NASA ‘space plant’ study experiment for gene expression in microgravity. 

The spacecraft is also undertaking two experiments of art for the winners of the Art in Space Contest by the rock band Ok Go, which gave middle and high school students a challenge in coming up with an intriguing art of space payload for a Blue origin flight. 

Shepard is a recyclable space rocket and capsule built to take science payloads, and finally paying the passengers on suborbital journeys to space. The New Shepard car can make it’s landing vertically after its capsule liftoff into space. The capsule, at the same time11:30 a.m., returns to the earth’s surface by the use of parachutes. It has been seven months now since the last launch of Blue Origin in May. 

Blue Origin said that many postcards decorated and written by kids from Blue Origin nonprofit making Club for the Future, which seeks to mentor children in space exploration, are also launching on the mission. 

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current