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As per the latest research citings presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) by 2020, approximately 57% of the global population will be suffering with non-communicable diseases. Increasing funds are being provided by the governmental healthcare agencies in the research and development segment of life science industry for novel drug development in order to curb the mortality rate associated with chronic diseases worldwide.

North America is spearheading the segment for the Metronidazole Market. Rising prevalence of bacterial and parasitic infection throughout the globe primarily drives the market growth. It is considered as the first line therapy for the treatment of bacterial and parasitic infection owing to its excellent therapeutic efficacy and safety with minimal effects. Europe is anticipated to register rampant market growth in the near future on account of its increasing demand as a treatment option for patients non-responsive to the first line therapy.

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Hospital pharmacy is presently leading the distribution channel segment for Metronidazole Market. It is noteworthy to understand the medicines prescribed for the treatment of Metronidazole Market needs to be accurately dispensed by the hospital pharmacist to avoid occurrence of any drug related adverse events. Retail pharmacy is gaining tremendous demand as a sales channel in the developing regions on account of established generic drugs market and the ability to cater the medical requirement of people residing in the remote locations.

North America is currently spearheading the geography segment for the Metronidazole Market. Existence of well-developed healthcare infrastructure and affordable reimbursement scenario together drive the market growth in the region. Europe is in the 2nd place in the regional segment for the Metronidazole Market. Supportive regulatory environment provided by the European Medical Agency (EMA), for the sale and distribution of Metronidazole Market together accentuate the market growth in the region. Additionally, the strategic collaboration between the pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutes for the development of Metronidazole Market further propel the market growth in the region. Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest-growing segment Metronidazole Market during the forecast period.  Developing healthcare infrastructure and flourishing generic drugs market determine the market growth of Metronidazole Market in the Asia Pacific region. It provides lucrative market opportunites for the western giants to establish retail outlets and subsidiaries.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers actively engaged in the production of Metronidazole Market drugs are Pfizer, Inc., Lupin Ltd., Auro Pharma, Inc., Viona Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Unichem Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Baxter Healthcare Corporation., Fresenius Kabi AG, Sandoz, Inc., Galderma S.A., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Key Market Movements:

  • Rising prevalence of Metronidazole Market throughout the globe
  • Supportive regulatory environment provided by the global healthcare agencies for the sale and distribution of Metronidazole Market
  • Affordable reimbursement scenario for the drugs employed for the treatment of Metronidazole Market will further accentuate the market growth

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