Press Release

You’ve seen him on the Men’s Health cover  and we are sure you were curious… We discoverd India’s style Icon Karan Oberoi’s pleasingly retrosexual style fundas.

  1. India’s leading model Karan Oberoi, keep his hair short and use wet gel to give clean neat look.
  2. Karan “KO” Oberoi is the t shirt-jean kinda guy and think the best casual do calls for a well-fitted T-shirt especially when you look so fit and some really hot jeans — always works! At the times when he’s little confused what he should  wear he goes with classic blue denim jeans and white shirt.
  3. He  always preferred a well fitted  jeans at the same time not too skinnyand he still swears by its eternal sexiness. KO’s favorites are the classics that Diesel and Zara makes — just so amazingly fitting.
  4. His tees are usually in blues, black and whites and while some call it boring, He calls it being ‘classic’. He does experiment with all the colors though as Model Karan Oberoi believes colors are the part of life that makes one look amazing.
  5. Going formal, KO is really a jacket person and loves leather jacket from Superdry and not really a formal wearing person but when ever he wears people call him ‘Mr handsome’, He has some wonderfully fitted and tailored suits from H&M and Zara.
  6. Karan “KO” Oberoi is  not at all the accessorykinda guy, but he does love to carry sporty bags from Superdry and loves to wear smart watches of Garmin and Diesel are his favorites.
  7. When it comes to shades, he loves collection of D&G and Armani exchange. He loves to wear shades and doesn’t go out in the sun without them. KO is also quite passionate about temporary inked tattoo’s that he keeps changing to update his style appeal.
  8. Hes  quite passionate about his shoes and own  15 pairs of all trendy colors. However his  prized possession  is a pair of boots from Puma  that always complements his jeans perfectly.
  9. Simply put, India’s leading model Karan Oberoi  style mantra is following the good old rules of being a guy, sticking to the basics and having fun and doesn’t ever shy to experiment different styles which makes him stand apart.

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current