Press Release

We are a Filter Media Supplier as well as an exporter from Egypt. Our company is situated in El Sharqeya, Governor-ate Egypt. The company does have its quarries, and hence we do not buy from any supplier. Our company has the largest screening plant that was imported from Holland, and MESTO and Mogensen made it. To ensure we are consistent in delivering a high quality product, we have enough and highly qualified workforce.

Our company team has maintained high culture quality, and we do not compromise on quality. The company does have its LAB house with a high vibration frequency as well as ATM certified test sieves. To further ensure we continue to maintain high quality, we own more than 27 test Sieves that are imported from Germany and the United States, according to BSS, ASTM, and EN. 

Other tools that we use in our operations include 5 vibrating screens, Forklift, Wheal Loaders, Container Loading Platform Generators. Our Quality control specialist and the site technicians are among the best globally. We keep our word, and this has enabled us to maintain strong relations with the Domestic Transportation Contractors. 

Our long experience when it comes to working with the shipping companies, both in containers as well as bulk vessel cargo, ensures we deliver our products as scheduled with our clients. We export our products to over 37 countries. 

The company employees understand deeply the International Trade Agreement with Forma A, Euro1, the ARABIC LEAGUE Agreement Rules such as Syria as the Silica sand is 100% obligated from the costume’s duty in all the Arabic nations. In Egypt, the costumes clearance partners, as well as Stevedoring in the Egyptian ports, offers our company support, which ensures that our transactions and activities go smoothly. When it comes to packaging, we have superb suppliers of the (Big Bags) New Jumbo Bags. When we export a package to a client, we ensure to do a follow up the shipping operation with tracking containers with the shipping line until the buyer receives the product. 

The aim of writing to you is to be able to see the possibility to cooperate with your company and be able to offer you a product that does meet AWWA and EN 12904. 

Some of our products include

  • Silica Sand for the water filtration

This is our product of the filter sand as well as filter Gravel that is exported to over 17 countries in various parts of the world. Our silica sand is extracted from the high quality quarries with the SI02 over 96.7% that was the river sand for many years. Raw material gets to be extracted from East Egypt, wady al Natron, Sadat City, Giza.

  • Silica Gravel water filtration

The Silica gravel that we produce does have a porosity as well as permeability so that the water can easily flow through it, usually often by the gravity drainage. Silica Gravel does filter large debris such as leaves, grass, etc. It is important to note that it does not clean or even purify the water at all. 

  • anthracite  which used water filtration 

Our Anthracite filer media has been made of the ‘Taixi’ anthracite by washing, chosen as well as smash, continuous screening and so on procedures. It does have a nice lustrousness; resist compression, good mechanical strength, and steady chemical activity.  We will offer you high quality anthracite filter media for the water filtration. Anthracite is an excellent filter media for water clarification in drinking or the industrial use, when it is used in combination with the filtering sands. It is among the most commonly used filtering media. 

  • Limestone used in seawater re-mineralization 

We offer limestone that is used in architecture as it can be cut and carved. It is preferred by most of the people as it lasts long and does well in all climatic conditions. One of the most commonly used operations in the re-mineralization process is to be able to contact CO2 acidified desalinated water with a bed of domestic limestone. Limestone dissolution offers two significant gradients to the water. This is bicarbonate alkalinity, as well as calcium content. 

  • Activated carbon  which used water filtration

Coal Activated Carbon series has been made of the worldwide superior anthracite. We follow strict as well as scientific formulation, and they have features of high hardness, low ash, high void age, a large surface area, and so on. They are widely used in water purification, wastewater disposal, air purification, solvent recycling, medical treatment, and many more. 

Activated carbon granules are usually used infiltration. Activated carbon filtration is among the many processes used in water treatment. The activated carbon removes the contaminants that include organic materials, and since it can easily be able to remove the odor-causing pollutants, it does make the drinking water more palatable.  

We are a company that produces high quality products. This is what have enabled us to be able to export to over 37 nations worldwide. Some of the nations’ we export to includes: Greece – Cyprus – Spain – Italy – Georgia – Croatia – Albania – Japan – Senegal – Philippines – Malta – Turkey – Mauritius – China – India – Indonesia – Ireland – South Korea – Singapore – Mayotte Island,  Syria – United Arab Emirates – Sultanate of Oman – Qatar – Kuwait – Libya- Iraq-Yemen-Algeria-Bahrain-Palestine-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Sudan

Please feel free to visit our company website; In addition, our mobile communication is +2 0122 240 64 87. 

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current