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A recent number of Israeli postage stamps hold celebrations for both first Torah, of which the team will now throw it into the space and the history of the past 20 years then studied. Apart from just honoring the Torah with celebrations, the stamps back the completions of an illustrative film whose aims are to share the narrative of the “Space Torah” with vast experience for the first time. 

Jeffrey Hoffman on his first 1985-space trip was the first Jewish American man to be on the earth’s orbit. He took Torah with him during his fifth and final spaceship mission in 1996. Both Holy and he are depicted on the brand stamp sheet that is currently available from the filmmakers of the still-to-be titled Torah space documentary. 

Hoffman who is the current professor in the astronautics and aeronautics at the (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology that is situated in Cambridge said that it rather fascinates him because he has never been on the stamp before. He added that it is a huge honor to be on the stamp and to be alive and not dead.

Far off the stamps, Hoffman is impressed because it is the job done to share the space Torah’s story.

Hoffman confirmed to the in an interview that Rachel who is the executive producer continually amazes him with her motivation and her brilliant and innovative ideas for how she enables that to happen. He added that he did not quite appreciate significance of the stamp until she sent him a sheet of them. 

Space Torah significance

Raz did not plan to make a documentary after learning about an astronaut who was coming to speak to her working place a couple of years ago. When Hoffman finished his presentation, she realized she needed to tell his story, as well as the story of the pioneer Torah in space top a huge audience compared to those who had recollected that day at Newton Center Hebrew College in Massachusetts. 

Raz who is the director of Early Childhood Institute of Schoolman Jewish school education at Hebrew College said that she is an educator by profession, and she has been teaching for the last 15 years, mostly training teachers. She wondered while sitting there how she did not know about him and never heard about him since she knew a lot about Jewish leaders and Jewish education. Probably most people have never heard about him.

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current