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Disposable absorbent hygiene products (AHPs), consisting of baby diapers, femcare products (sanitary pads, panty liners, etc.) and adult incontinence (AI) products, are big business.

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Forecasts vary, but the combined global value of these markets at retail was around $90 billion in 2018. Consequently, there are very sophisticated embedded networks for the manufacture and supply of AHPs, and there is a lot of vested interest in maintaining business as usual.

It is not always recognized by consumers, however, that despite their undoubted convenience and contribution to healthy living, AHPs are currently all based on petroleum-derived plastics. They are primarily based on polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or polyester (PET) that has been converted, in combination with wood pulp, superabsorbent polymers (SAP) and elastics, into nonwoven fabrics by the spunbonding and meltblowing extrusion processes known as “spunmelt.”

Report Includes:

– An overview of the market size and structure of global disposable hygiene products market and description of its key players
– Information on bio-derived alternatives for disposable hygiene product that already exist, or are under development
– A look at the initiatives taken for recycling of disposable hygiene products in various areas
– Evaluation of major developments and market dynamics for disposable absorbent hygiene products (AHPs)

Companies Mentioned:

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Pending U.S. legislation
EDANA Outlook 2019 Conference
Disposable Wipes Advantages
Obstacles to Bioplastics Development
Chapter 2 The Size and Structure of the AHPs Market
AHP Drivers for Growth
China’s Growth in AHP Consumption
Emerging AHP Markets Potential
Increasing Demand for AI Products
Chapter 3 The Size and Structure of the Global Spunbond and Meltblown Nonwovens Market
The Spunbonding Process
Spunbond Technology Development
The Meltblowing Process
Multiple Beams and Composites
Reicofil Technology
Chapter 4 The Recycling of AHPs
Loop Industries
Embraced Recycling Project
Contarina Success in Italy
Going Beyond Recycling
Italy’s End of Waste Decree
Chapter 5 The Bioplastics Market and Key Developments for AHPs
Three Generations of Biorefinery
Adding Complexity
Current Bioplastics Production
Natureworks Ingeo
Kimberly-Clark Ingeo Developments
Fitesa Biopolymer Bicomponent
Total Corbion
NatureWorks Expansion and Methane Development
Metabolix and ADM
Danimer Scientific
Novamont Mater-Bi and Origo-Bi
“Plastic Bubbles” Probe
Drop-In Biopolymers
PET Monomers
Virent BioForming and PlantBottle
Avantium Technologies
Neste Technology
Mitusi Bio-PP
Braskem Bio-PE
Braskem Bio-PP
“I’m Green Recycled”
Lenzing Web Technology
Chapter 6 A Shopping List of Bio-Derived Components
Stretch Elastics
Information Sources
Analyst’s Credentials
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