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We are at the peak of the cryptocurrency revolution. With more than 7,000 digital currencies put into action in the recent past, there are investors, innovators, and fraudsters. Nevertheless, telling the difference is for the courts instead of the legislation and regulation.

On the statement of the internal revenue service, the service states that the exchange of virtual currencies or instead of the virtual currency use in payments of the goods and services or virtual currencies holding as an investment commonly has tax consequences, which result in a liability tax. This has jurisdiction over, a cryptocurrency that is under the Exchange of Commodity Act. Senior Judge Rya W. Zobel of the United States of America, District of Massachusetts court, entered an order in 26th September 2018, saying that the CFTC influences to prosecute on the virtual currency.

There have been no reasonable efforts in establishing laws, policies or rules by the congress of the United States of America. Just like the insider marketing cases, prosecutors of the US in most cases pick up prosecutions from agents and exchange commission cases; we are definitely going to witness criminal enforcement applied a means of determining what is illegal and what is not. One of the most crucial of these cases includes a person by the name Randall Crater and My Big Coin.

CEO John Roche established My Big Coin (MBC) in 2013. The main job of its business model, just like most cryptocurrencies, was to put blockchain technology into utilization in numerous business assistance for the gaming and markets of cannabis.

In 2014, Roche pertained Randall Crater and marketing firms and Greyshore Technology in building the technology in support of the business model. Also began and included to MBC was My Big Coin Pay that would unite a layer of utilizations and revenues like credit cards backed by the new currency and the ATM machines. On its official Twitter account, in January 21, 2014, MBC tweeted that a transaction of a price of $23.17 was successful. There was great marketing of MBC and peer- to- peer transfer of funds was made and unveiled by Roche on their official website, ATMs, and through several social network accounts like Twitter and Bitcoin, the number of coins was going to be limited to 30,000,000.  Users were called upon to create accounts to hold their MBC. There is no doubt that we shall witness an increase in the growth of the virtual currenc. 

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current