Press Release

Jeff Bezos the CEO of Blue Origin spaceflight company launched a New Shepard rocket on 11 December 2019. The rocket contained thousands of postcards written by students from all over the world and many other cargoes, placed on passengers’ place for upcoming flights.

The director of public relations at Blue Origin said that this mission started by collecting postcards from students around the world who expect the future. The rock was sent in the space at exactly 12:53 pm and landed back 10 minutes later. This is the 12th mission for the new Shephard class of rockets to space and was named after the 1st America astronaut to fly on space, Alan Shepard. Alan Shepard was the pilot in the Suborbital Mercury mission on 5th May 1961.

Also, some of the other things that were in the New Shepard Crew Capsule were an experiment from NASA and Colombia University and two contested “art of space” projects that were sponsored by the rock band OK Go.

The Director public relation also added that this was the ninth commercial freight for New Shepard and the company was happy to fly payloads from 100th customer on board.

Despite the rocket being reusable, it passed the international recognized Karman line by 5 kilometers and reached 105 kilometers from the ground. The Karman line shows the beginning of space at 100km (62miles) and the rocket reached 105 kilometers (65 miles).

The CEO of blue origin said there is a need to inspire the future generation and them as a company they are committed to doing so, through the club for the future. This club is open to people who desire to unlock their ability to live and work in space irrespective of their age and level of education. He added that the company is going to do series of activities for students in kindergarten up to grade 12, this amused me: to tell the students to send postcards about their future dream and he will send them to space on NEW Shepard, which will also bring the mail back.

These postcards from space the history of rocket-launched mails in 1931, which contained 102 letters, that flew through the solid-fuel rocket. This was 30 years before the 1st satellite entered the orbit of the earth. in 1969, an envelope was postmarked by 11 members crews on their way from the moon: these members include Michael Collins, Adrian Buzz, and Neil Armstrong.

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current