Inmarsat, the world’s leader at mobile satellite communications, recently got backing from its counterpart Arianespace to launch its GX5 satellite. The launch is set to take place at the Guiana Space Centre located in Kourou, French Guiana, on Friday the 22nd of November 2019. Its launch time has been set to 21:08 UK time and 22:43 UTC. 

According to the mission schematics, the launch will take 34minutes, 14seconds with the 4,007kg section of the rocket breaking off 34minutes, 7seconds into the launch. 

Global Xpress (GX) is the world’s best service network produced in Inmarsat’s history, and GX5 is its most advanced satellite. GX has become the benchmark, in less than four years, of integrated, easily accessible mobile internet networks spanning multiple sectors and with thousands of active customers from across the transportation, sea-based and public areas. In the regional broadband services of Inmarsat, GX5 is a significant advancement that encompasses European and Middle Eastern markets.

Officials at Inmarsat are hyped around the new development stating that it was the first of eight payloads scheduled to be launched over the expanse of four years. This is the first step in laying out their vast network of the Global Express Network. 

Inmarsat is by far the only telecom company to offer its consumers incredible range and a wide variety of options in its product range. It is the only communications company that has a complete and wholly-owned international satellite communications platform spanning L band and Ka-band as well as S-band through Europe.

Inmarsat Chief Technology Officer Peter Hadinger, in a statement, said that the company aims to be a beacon for future technological development. The company has the vision to provide increased capability to its clients in the European and Middle Eastern regions. Inmarsat, in conjunction with its partner Thales Alenia Space and Arianespace, is excited about the launch that will solidify their partnership. This launch is set to initiate a shift from the old era and bring a new generation of genuinely wireless mobile networking.  

Through the launch of the scheduled GX5 and seven more satellites on the way, Inmarsat’s dominance on the communication broadband provision sector. This is backed up entirely by the company’s partners, who are also in the business of setting up life-changing technology. 

This venture is a demonstration of Inmarsat’s continued involvement in developing innovative, reliable, and quality products while providing high-grade services to its customers and clients. The GX5’s performance surpasses all 4 previous in-service satellites launched by the company. Company experts claim that the single operation load of the GX5 is well over the combined capability of all four.  

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current