It seems much for California on the new groundbreaking policy, which talks about solar panels on newly made homes.  The policymakers have not conducted any consultation, yet the securities are creating catchy ideas. This kind of step will make the manufacturers favor the green power from solar farms located very far away and deviate from rooftop solar panels. 

approved solar panels on Municipal homes and low-rise apartment buildings among its first projects in building the nation. This approval was made last year. The policy was meant to help the residents by showing them the negative impacts of fossil fuel energy and reduces the effects of the greenhouse, making it simple, smart policy. 

A proposal from Sacramento Municipal Utility District new-made to the commission this week. The information stated that the developers to avoid putting solar systems on rooftops on a new home and use the green power from far off solar farms to meet their requirements. Despite the harsh protests from environmentalists, the commissioners proposed right in front of their faces. 

The developers need to put some flexibility in their work, particularly when making the solar panels for rooftops. They need to consider the accommodation of solar panels by some roofs and the shadiness of the area. This will make sense a little bit. They also have to provide a back-up power plan project to those homes build off the larger grid by an outage. Since this rooftop solar policy kicks off from next year, the developers have been offered the option of ‘community sharing options. The offer includes a new installation of off-site solar.

The manufacturers relied mostly on distant solar farms that had already been made in the pipeline since the option of community solar was not well known by then.  This seems to shoot up the number of solar-power home consumers. As a result, the environmentalist state that less power will be generated. One commissioner from Sacramento states that there is a possibility of one home in the Sacramento region to be built without the solar panels. 

Most of the Californians will be cut off as beneficiaries of having locally powered solar homes from this move. Photovoltaic have been designed in a way that they create electricity from the sun, and this reduces the urge to use other forms of energy. Rooftop solar is said to reduce the urge to use utility investments in the power grid; hence, the consumers can generate their power reducing their bills. 

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current