The United Arab Emirates (UAE) commemorates its first astronaut’s flight into space by releasing postage stamps. The same honor has been done to other pace travelers for 55 years. On September 25, the emirates post gave out six stamps. Hazan AlMansoori launched this same day on Russia’s Soyuz MS-15 t the international spacecraft station.

 The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) helped in producing the new commemorations in order to celebrate that occasion and state the roles of UAE in the exploration of space. This was through collaborations. 

Almansoori explored the space in a mission of eight days, and this is fulfillment and aspiration that pre-dates the foundation of his country in 1971. Stamps celebrating space scientists and astronauts were distributed. This is a demonstration that shows the nation’s foresight and vision. In a span of 55 years, this incredible ambition is now a reality. UAE is striving to achieve its goals of yearning to lead the space industry.

In 1964, stamps under the theme, “honoring astronauts” were distributed but they did not acknowledge spacemen but contained illustrations full of science fiction inspired rockets.

The stamps released in 2019, do not have information about the launch vehicle of Almansoori but contains his so used spacecraft and the international space stations-his destinations. Other information included in the stamps is his backup Sultan Alniyadi and the other two UAE astronauts.

Hazza Almansoori and sultan Alniyadi has been highly acknowledged since they represent the pinnacle of ambitions UAE had. Alashran and his team are honored to enter into a partnership with MBRSC whereby stamps to commemorate the UAE role in space exploration will be given out. Ashram also wishes success to astronauts on their historic journey in exploring the space.

Almansoori mission patch is included in the sixth stamp and the mission is about a silhouette of the late sheikh Zayed bin sultan Alnahyan- the founder of UAE. The emblem “Zeyid ambition” is inscribed in Arabic.

By showing the new generation that anything is possible in the form of inspiration, Alashram helps in marking an important milestone in UAE. The mission is all about expanding the space industry. Emirates posts have released One hundred and fifty thousand stamps, which will be available from the post-central happiness center in the UAE. Over one thousand copies are now available at a local servicer.

The integrated astronaut’s program of UAE is the first program in the Arab region that aims at including human participation in space flights and carrying out scientific missions. The program also contains solutions to problems faced by humanity.

This post was originally published on The Picayune Current