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no Matter if Champions League, news, Magazine or detective stories – follow the program in the ZDF is via Live-Stream live on the Internet. In addition to the 24-hour Live-Stream for the main program is also an offshoot of the ZDF such as YouTube or Many round-the-clock live is available. With TV game movie, live! (Ad) join Now and ZDF online

watch Here for the Live Stream offer of the ARDLive Stream and library: Pause and rewind

The ZDF-Live-Streams are free of charge and have two very practical features: when you are on the phone or at the door want to stop the Stream for up to 30 minutes.

in addition, the live stream can be up to 30 minutes rewind. If you have missed a few minutes of a broadcast, you can see this in the Live Stream. With the Button “Back to Live” and returns to the current Position of the shipment.

Live Stream: zdfneo live Stream: NASA live Stream: zdfinfo live Stream: 3-SatLive-Stream-Arte live Stream: PhoenixZDF-Live-Stream on-the-go

The Live Stream of ZDF there are also on-the-go as an App. With the ZDF App, the Live-Stream on the Smartphone or Tablet at any time to follow. Anyone who has missed out, despite the Live-Stream a broadcast, you can watch them in the ZDF-Mediathek. The library has also the ZDF App access.

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In the FOCUS Online/Wochit graphic shows: The show German TV stations prefer their viewers the Best offer on pxt ZDF Live-Stream Internet ZDF-Livestream