Natalie Portman is looking forward to your acting course

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A real multi-talent: The Oscar-winner Natalie Portman (37, “Black Swan”) will, in the future, offer acting classes on the net. For 90 dollars, beginners can listen to the reports of the actress.

The courses are offered exclusively in the Online training provider “MasterClass” how to “Variety” reported. Portman will speak about their most important roles, and revealed in a statement that you have made in your career mistakes and therefore learned a lot.

The actress is looking forward to her new project

“I am very happy to tell you what I’ve made over 25 years as an actress on the legs – things that I developed myself (…) and tips have helped me a lot,” she adds. In front of her already Stars like Dustin Hoffman (81) or Gordon Ramsay (52), such a “MasterClass”courses.