Influencer not enjoy the best reputation. Nothing, know nothing and hang out all day on the net – so the common stereotype. On Friday evening, most famous and most successful Youtuberin, Bianca Classen was in Germany, a guest in the ARD-Show “quiz duel”. The 26-Year-old runs the Youtube channel “Bibis Beauty Palace”. Bianca came with her husband Julian as a “Team of Influencers”. And all the prejudice seemed at first to disprove, because the two of them knew first of all the correct answers to many questions.

a really simple question, the Couple is embarrassed, however, to the bone. This was not necessarily the fact that they gave the wrong answer – rather, it was the justification. Moderator Jörg Pilawa wanted the two to know what there is to the analysis of Nasa-measured data naturally on Mars. To reply Wi – Fi, Eco-and nuclear electricity, running water and Underfloor heating. Without great training one could actually come to the correct answer is “flowing water”, only because the other choices are so absurd.

Known by the Youtube channel “Bibis Beauty Palace”

Youtube channel “bibisbeauty Palace”

So much Bianca “Bibi” Heinicke per month

For Youtuberin Bibi deserves it seems unthinkable that there could be a planet without Wi-Fi. At least your answer suggests. “I don’t know me at all,” continued she, “but I would have taken Wi-Fi. Because we have found not too long ago an ad on the Internet, where you can, allegedly, a plot of land on Mars, buy. Since, as Wi-Fi.”

From the surprised reaction, Jörg Pilawas let them not be swayed, although her dawned, that it was probably a fun display. Also husband, Julian, was not able you from your path, on the contrary, he encouraged them to “Wi-Fi sounds so wrong, I would take that now.”

won in Spite of this incorrect response, the Pair of the duel and won € 10,000. Money Bianca and Julian for a good cause, want to donate. The sum is for the benefit of the organization “off road kids”, the road supports children and young homeless people and their reintegration into the society helps. A great thing, which shows once more that education of the heart at the end is more important than classic school know.

bibisbeauty Palace

Youtube-Star-Bibi: she Has made the most unpopular Song of all time?

Pride Youtuberin Bianca “Bibi” Heinicke presented at noon on Friday in her first music video. After a few hours, the Internet community has made its judgment.

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