Matze Knop is looking forward to a merry Christmas

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as varied As his parodies are so resistant Matze Knop (44) celebrates Christmas. “As chaotic as a Comedian, I need at least at Christmas, a bit of structure,” laughs the 44-Year-old in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news. The Comedian is known for its footballers parodies. Whether or not Franz Beckenbauer, Jogi Löw or Cristiano Ronaldo, no one is safe from him. In 2019, he is back with a new Comedy program. 22. February, he celebrates with a “Welcome to Matzeknopien – I’ll do it now” Premiere in Hannover. But now he is looking forward to the first holidays that he spends quite contemplative with lots of food.

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Matze Knop: I celebrate at home – very contemplative with Christmas Tree, string of lights, gifts and lots of food.

there Are traditions, which they hold every year?

Knop: Yes, I’m going as a patron of children laugh e. V. is always on Christmas eve to Dortmund in the children’s hospital to give presents to children who otherwise would have to for Christmas, or the days in hospital have to spend. Then it’s home and in the Church. After that, eat and later. Our procedure is actually always the same. As chaotic Comedian I need at least at Christmas, a bit of structure. (laughs)

the Church is part of Christmas too, huh?

Knop: In any case. I love it when 350 people, “O du fröhliche” – singing and two-thirds of the Pitch.

What is Christmas on the dining plan?

Knop: most of the time there is smoked salmon in front or a soup. And then I’m culling the Goose-type with dumplings and red cabbage. Then a Dutch cherry pie, and for dessert cookies. And then we start to eat.

What is your favorite Christmas song and your favorite Christmas movie?

Knop: I like “silent night,” “come, all ye little children” and “O du fröhliche”. My favorite Christmas movie is “guardians of light”. I myself have synchronized.

With the Christmas season and also the finish of 2018, what is your personal balance sheet for the year?

Knop: 2018 was a very successful year with many exciting projects. Among other things, I was at the football world Cup in Russia, with my MauMau Club in Mallorca, and I have my new Comedy program “Welcome to Matzeknopien – I’ll do it now” on the web. Also, I am top fit and healthy. So it can go in 2019.

What you wish for 2019?

Knop: I always keep my sense of Humor and I can still make people Laugh. Otherwise, I let the year come to me. I’m sure that it will run for me is excellent.

Have you made resolutions?

Knop: no. I’m not in principle. Maybe I’ll finally have time to start Smoking?

do you Have plans for new year’s eve?

Knop: I’m going to rent with a few friends a table, a bit of champagne or red wine to indulge, dance, and crazy, crazy, crazy Selfies for Instagram. I usually go sometime between 1 a.m. and 10 a.m., to bed.