Many viewers responded to the upset, as Jan Hofer had behaved in the 20-watch edition of the daily show on Thursday, and the Moderation then had to cancel. On Twitter, the Demands became more frequent after the state of health of the chief speaker, and after the Director had displayed a black image. The daily news reported a short time later via Twitter and gave the all-clear:

“dear viewers, at the end of the day it was Jan Hofer bad. May be an infection he had recently, to do is not cured, nor complete. Currently, he is medically examined. Thanks for the wishes for a speedy recovery”, let the editors know. Hofer himself explained after his stay in the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. “I don’t suppose I can take a medication that I must take since today because of a protracted flu,” wrote the 69-Year-old.

Jan Hofer was already in 2016 and 2018, not more moderate

It was the first Time that Hofer had to cancel due to health reasons, the Moderation, or was disturbed. In 2016, his colleague Caren Miosga took over the news in the “daily topics”. “Ladies and gentlemen, we continue with news that would usually present my colleague Jan Hofer now. He was just not good, so I’ll take over now,” said Miosga at the time of the failure. Also at that time, Hofer said on Twitter that he had a stomach-intestinal Virus out of action.

In March 2018 suffered Hofer during an edition of the daily show briefly in a fit of coughing and had to hold on to well-Moderationspult. Then, too, the spectators were in the social networks.

The Tagesschau is Germany’s oldest and most well-known news show. Jan Hofer is since 1985, speaker, and since 2004, chief spokesman for the TV-Institution.