In the movie “27 Dresses” Katherine Heigl is a closet full of bridesmaids dresses

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He is the best friend of the woman – the wardrobe. In our Fashion-soul is reflected in him our treasures living our conquests and hausen mountains of our trash. Because not every “Fund” is a stroke of luck. And the false deadlines, handles a sad existence to be ended now.

The “I pass as pure”-part

Even if you may look so beautiful, the Skinny Jeans is a 36, it is unlikely that you will eventually grow to a 38 or even 40. Equally unlikely is that we will shrink and even fit. All the parts appeared to us in the Store so beautiful is because it ends so shaped on the strap looked to be remain exactly that: the form completed on the hanger, but never worn, so out with it!

The “good”part

Very different is the case with the clothes we have worn almost beyond recognition: the threads hanging out, the hem is frayed, the once call ray White end of through the many Wash than grey. But you could wear it even to sports or to paint. But honestly, who these scraps would attract in the next Yoga class, when right next to it the newly acquired Yoga Pants? Take it away!

The “Event”-part

The next wedding is determined, the next baptism, the next bachelorette, or the next round birthday. May be, but none of these woman can attract A part of the stunted there so unmotivated in the closet. For the wedding, it is to cream colors to flashy for the baptism, for the bachelorette to be over the top and for the 70. the grandma is too short. In short – better online. There, it can then buy another optimist, it is a permanent guest in the wardrobe will be.

The “no”part

not: it will not come Ed Hardy will be back, and certainly not modern. And even if all of the Caro Daurs of this world may claim otherwise. Also, the Plateau-soled shoes, as we know you have your best time behind itself. It may be that the thickness of the sole is now in brisk Sneaker optic again all the rage, the good old Buffalo, however, remain just that – old. Fashion is changing, and we should, too.

The “Bikini with no pants on”-part

It is usually a drawer, the jewelry box is similar. Louder beautiful items, closely intertwined and not unravel. The Bikini box is waiting with wonderful Singles that have no Partner. It’s colorful upper are often the parts that you have purchased in the Store, because they look so nice and down were set. That there were no matching panties to bother us in the Moment a little, then home. Next Time, we should perhaps prefer the Monokini in the Sale take that is at least complete.