Model Barbara Palvin may be called from now on “Victoria’s Secret”-Engel

©Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.com

The angels of “Victoria’s Secret” have grown. Now Barbara Palvin (25) is allowed to carry the coveted title. The Hungarian Model, in November last year for the American fashion brand about the catwalk step, has now managed to make the decisive career move. “I never thought that this would happen,” writes the 25-Year-old in Instagram. “It has exceeded all of my expectations.”

Sweet congratulations

she writes: “There were times where I let myself from my own thoughts.” Now you’ve managed it at last. One have always believed in you and your Can, your friend Dylan Sprouse (26, “Hotel Zack & Cody”). The actor, the 25-Year-old via Instagram, congratulated to your Fashion of carriage. He posted a photo together and insured Palvin, how proud he was to you. According to the Motto, what loves, teases, and he seemed to be a small tip but not resist: “To more years of success and a little less ice cream,” he teased his girlfriend.