a 67-point lead with only four races remaining Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel in the formula 1 world championship with four Victories in a series of rushed.

Before the US Grand Prix in Austin, the German Ferrari Pilot in terms of his championship chances realistically. “It’s hard enough to spend the next four races in a perfect, ideal way all,” said Vettel, “But even then, not everyone knows that it depends only on us.”

Above all, it depends on world Cup-Leading Hamilton. The Mercedes driver could make his fifth world Cup already in Austin perfectly. To do this, he would have to win the race, and parallel to it, in the hope that Vettel comes over the place. Despite the comfortable lead in the overall standings, Hamilton has warned his Team before the race in the United States. “We can’t lay back relaxed,” he said.

Relaxed back at Ferrari anyway, no one can. Vettel’s Team have lost “in the past few weeks, a bit of Speed,” said the 31-Year-old. “I think that was crucial that we were able to not really think about it.”

Hamilton and Alonso have faith in Mick Schumacher

However, in the future, another German racer. At least, if it would go to two world Champions. Hamilton Mick Schumacher looks to be on the go in the formula 1. “On the one hand, because of the Name, but on the other hand, also because he is doing a great Job,” said the Briton. Also Fernando Alonso would see the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher in the formula 1. “I see only from the outside, as he develops, but the results speak for themselves,” said the world champion of 2005 and 2006.

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher had won in the past week, the formula 3 European championship. By winning the title, the 19-Year-old amassed enough points for the super license, the racing license for the formula 1. In the coming season, Schumacher will start in all likelihood, but not yet in the highest racing class, but first in the formula 2. However, Alonso said: “It would be fabulous for the Sport, if the Name of Schumacher be back in formula 1.”

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