The two Show’s presenters, Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grissemann have been known to take their guests in the Late-Night Show “Willkommen Österreich” once on the Arm. Just in case Verona Pooth, 50, staged himself as a naive klutz, believed the moderators to have plenty of attack surface.

Verona Pooth counters and Grissemann is silent,

As the two talk to Pooth on a Chapter of her new book “Take everything, give a lot!”, you come to speak to your voice. Christoph Grissemann takes no sheet before the mouth and Pooth poses the question: “How are you and your voice, without wanting to be close to you, you’re a beautiful woman, but your voice is of course appalling. How did you come to be a pop star?” In the audience big laughter breaks out – Pooth smiles, embarrassed, then answers but quite factual. With your counter waiting for their Moment to fit.

declared As a colleague Dirk Stermann, a little later, that he had always read the books of guests, the German entrepreneur: “the reason Why they are the Smarter of the two,”. Grissemanns face turned to stone for a brief Moment, and his colleague has to knock him pity on the shoulder to him again to cheer up. But Verona is a: “You weren’t with me from the beginning sympathetic,” she says in an interview with Stermann and to Grissemann: “So that we exclude you here, but I’m focusing on now.” Grissemann, has taken back, responded defiantly: “I can live with it”.

The dispute resolved quickly, little jibes between the two dragged on, however, through the entire show. In 2005, married Verona Pooth your Franjo in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral – now she was a market back in town for her book.