The actor Ulrich Matthes (59) Iris Berben at the top of the German film Academy. Matthes was elected on Sunday at the General Assembly in Berlin for the new President, told the film Academy on Monday.

The Academy has just under 2000 members from all sectors of the arts of the German film. Prior to this, the “daily mirror had reported,” the change of personnel.

Berben (68) was nine years and three terms in office as President of the Academy, which decides, among other things, the winner of the German film prize. She had determined not according to the message to run again. Matthes is since 2004 member of the ensemble at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. He starred in numerous films, including “The Ninth day”, “The fall” and “November child”.

Matthes explained to him it was as Academy President is a matter of concern, “to discuss decisions openly, different artistic designs, to recognize and to defend you self-confident to the outside – that’s why it should go even stronger”. As a further important topics he called “Blockbuster versus art house, movies versus Netflix and Co.” The film Academy is already so much more than Glamour and movie price, but they could and should be, according to Matthes, nor political, as it is now.

The German film prize, the most important national cinema award, is on 3. May in Berlin awarded.