The term “Supergroup” in Rock and Pop long been frowned upon in the Jazz continue to have a good sound. Now, there are two new virtuoso projects: the Topmusiker Landgren/Wollny/Danielsson/Haffner “4 Wheel Drive” and the Norwegian-Swedish Trio Rymden.

many concerts have you walked on the road, both live and in the Studio in various constellations with each other to play music. Now the Sweden Nils Landgren (trombone, vocals) and Lars Danielsson (Bass, Cello) together with the German Michael Wollny (Piano) and Wolfgang Haffner (drums) for the first time to a dream combo of European Jazz.

Under the album title, “4 Wheel Drive” (ACT) – so four-wheel drive, which combines the powerful dynamics of the project, nicely put together – these four Solo-Cracks on a casual, sometimes almost too pleasing mixture of new Material and Mainstream Pop. Whether a further recording of “Another Day In Paradise” (Phil Collins), “Just The Way You Are” (Billy Joel) or “That’s All” (Genesis) is truly imperative is ultimately also a matter of taste as Landgrens bright, friendly tenor voice.

Of the eight cover versions of the famos swing to succeed in the end Instrumental, “Lady Madonna” by the Beatles and “If You Love Somebody” by Sting on the most convincing. For Jazz purists, arguably the more interesting is the self-contributions are one, each comrade-in-arms. Especially in these pieces, you will notice the “4 Wheel Drive” – the project itself and to the common Album – the joy of the four fabulous instrumentalists on your team-player role.

Wollnys funky Opener, “Polygon”, Haffner’s highly melodic Drummer-finger exercise, “Lobito”, Landgrens varied “Le Chat Sur Toit”, and the title showpiece of Danielsson anticipation on the common concerts in April. While the plate “4 Wheel Drive” comes as a very neat motorized, four-cylinder, therefore, is likely to be the Quartet live, with the additional turbocharger.

This thrust force and speed booster the Trio Rymden before the much-anticipated Live Events in the spring, indulged in for his Studio debut. “Reflections & Odyssey’s” (Jazzland Recordings, Norway) is the second Jazz Supergroup Album these days is a masterpiece as it has the German-Swedish “4WD”force right off the bat not yet fully gone.

Rymden (space)? Never heard of it? But these names, but pretty sure: Bugge Wesseltoft (Piano, Keyboards, Electronics), Dan Berglund (Bass) Magnus Öström (drums)

Yes, there are the Norwegian piano Virtuoso and two-thirds of the legendary Esbjörn Svensson trio (e. s. t.), the broke up ten years ago after the death of his front man. Who published and so on Decreased as the fantastic live album “e. s. t. live in london 2006” (2018 posthumously) new Scandinavian jazz trio-music of hoped-for on a world level, Rymden now find.

“Reflections & Odyssey’s” sounds like a record that would have made the Esbjörn Svensson Trio after the final point of “Leucocyte” (2008), possibly as the next. Compelling melodies, and stunning virtuosity, sophisticated Arrangements, and an incredible rhythmic force – and with Wesseltofts electronic elements enough autonomy, in order not to as e. s. t. rip-off to come over.

The Esbjörn Svensson Trio was formed in 1993, shortly after, Wesseltoft founded in Oslo, his New Conception Of Jazz. Both Bands did a young, Pop-to-inspire-affine audience for Jazz. Svensson, Berglund and Öström, filled great halls with its so accessible and intelligent Northern European Jazz-design for the 21st century. Century. Wesseltoft recorded electronically-tinged Jazz, and extended its range in the direction of Ambient, chamber music, or Folklore.

On the Rymden debut in the now – as once in the case of e. s. t. – strong, Rock-oriented, Power-Drumming, for example in the Quasi-Opener “Rymden – The Odyssey” or “Pitter-Patter”. “It feels natural for me to be frugal and to play minimalist. But in the Trio of a completely different energy develops automatically,” said Wesseltoft in an Interview about this re-orientation.

Up to the beautifully lyrical Closer “Homegrown”, and for this Album, the tension and many further highlights – it’s a Jazz reference for 2019 now. Which is probably true as well for the Live performances by Rymden. Wesseltoft is looking forward: “The Album is just the beginning. We have the potential, to enterprise-wide musical journeys.”

concerts 4 Wheel Drive: 07.04. Lüneburg, Libeskind Auditorium, 08.04. Hamburg, Laeiszhalle – großer Saal, 09.04. Bremen, The Bell, 10.04. Dortmund, Konzerthaus, 11.04. Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn (Int. Jazz festival), 12.04. Frankfurt/Main, Alte Oper, 13.04. Munich, Prince Regent Theatre, 14.04. Zürich, Kaufleuten, 17.04. Berlin, Philharmonie, 18.04. Düsseldorf, Tonhalle, 19.04. Stuttgart, Theaterhaus (Int. Jazz days).

concerts Rymden: 30.03. Burghausen, Germany, 01.05. Innsbruck, 09.05. Dresden, 10.05. Berlin, 11.05. Eat, 12.05. Darmstadt, 18.05. Landsberg, 19.05. Neuhardenberg, 24.05. Geneva, 26.05. Vienna.