Tribune. The objective of the trade war initiated by the administration Trump against Beijing is not clearly defined, but it appears from the charges levelled against China, accused of “not playing the game” and resorting to unfair methods. This goal is to force China to adopt the rules of a normal market economy.

At the level of diagnosis, the american position is justified. Past the propaganda, China is not in fact a normal market economy. The dichotomy that we find in the official discourse of Beijing testifies : while China claims on the international scene, its recognition as a market economy, the speech from home does not cease to recall that the country is evolving in the framework of a ” socialist market economy “, which is his official model, and which involves numerous distortions of the rules of the market economy.

so far, this observation leads to some remarks. The first is that China is not the only one to “cheat” in relation to the market economy. His opponent today, in the present case, the fact regularly. When Washington nationalise temporarily the largest car manufacturer in order to avoid its bankruptcy (GM in 2009), had to take over a tender in the military that has escaped its main aircraft manufacturer (Boeing in the face of Airbus in 2010) or pressure to facilitate an acquisition abroad (GE-Alstom 2014), the United States practice what they criticize China.

brutal Reality

The difference is, of course, in the fact that China uses this type of distortion of a much more systematic way. But there is a fundamental reason for this. Where the administration Trump perceives a willingness chinese to maximize its profits, there was in fact a matter of survival for Beijing. The brutal reality, that the two parties seek to hide (in Beijing) or…