US President Donald Trump wants to put China with a new agent in the commercial dispute is under pressure. The U.S. government announced in Washington, the intention of a 144-year-old international postal agreement of the United Nations to terminate.

The “New York Times” had previously reported, citing government circles, that the step, especially against the Chinese company will be the judge of the the US market with exports of flooding.

According to Trumps government, the agreement is unfair to businesses and consumers in the United States, they also cost the U.S. Mail annually $ 300 million.

The original from 1874 and a total of 192 States, a comprehensive scheme has been adjusted according to the report, the New York Times in 1969, so that the poor and developing countries – including China – are significantly better off than wealthier States in Europe and North America. However, this has led to the US market with cheap consumer goods from China will be flooded.

United States strive for better conditions

Through the agreement, traders from China and certain other countries at greatly reduced shipping rates packages with a weight of up to two kilograms in the United States send and local competitors price offer in terms of the criticism.

“This System leads to higher shipping costs for U.S. exporters,” said a government representative in a conference call. This is bad for the US economy. However, the US will not get out of the agreement immediately. With the intention of expressing only a one-year process starts, first, in the representatives of the Trump government want to negotiate better conditions for the United States.

A statement of the universal postal Union was first. The government of President Trump has distanced himself on several occasions by international organisations and agreements, the damage, in their view, the United States.