He wanted to conquer Hollywood with his Remake of the German movie hit, “honey in the head” to the viewers delight. But “Head Full of Honey,” flopped. The Film, with Nick Nolte and Emily Mortimer in the lead roles, was only shown in four theaters and critics are torn. Therefore, the Film does not supply then in other U.S. theaters.

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“We are Good”: Til Schweiger, Single

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criticized Now his luck with “Head Full of Honey, tried Schweiger again”. As of Thursday, the Remake in Europe will be able to see in theaters. With the “picture on Sunday” says Schweiger of his failed Hollywood attempt. “You must hunt the members of the Golden Globe Jury, there are only 82, that you have to beat in every movie, with First-Class flights to Venice, the Festival invites you and all the sponsers, I know it’s only afterwards,” he reveals. The Film flopped in the US, would do to him for starring Nolte suffering. “He is to work really blossomed during our rotation. And, although he has a great deal of pain, his whole body is made of titanium, and he needs regular physiotherapy. Nevertheless, I could count on him, and he was always good,” says Schweiger.

Not understanding he had meanwhile, for German journalists, critics and the media have commented on his defeat in the US sardonically. “Why have taken over the Rapporteur here are the US reviews one-to-one? You knew about the Original. This can only mean that you have thought, you and seven million Germans were just stupid, and the Americans have eaten the wisdom with spoons”, complains. And he makes a typical German phenomenon to the attention of: Schadenfreude. “Germany is the only country with the word Schadenfreude. To delight in the harm of another, is, in fact, a pervert, is it?” the 52-Year-old says. To his children he had taught different behavior.

New opportunity for “Head Full of Honey”

Now, hopes Schweiger, “Head Full of Honey” is at least successful in Europe. To appeared of the Premiere of the strip on the last Tuesday in Berlin, he, accompanied by his daughters, Lilli and Luna.

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