Lori Loughlin (l) and Felicity Huffman are in the bribery scandal,

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celebrities and entrepreneurs involved should have taken place in the United States a lot of money in the Hand, so that your children will be admitted to universities for which they are actually not suitable. In the US, the scandal is considered as the largest fraud in the history of the Elite universities. The case goes to the Americans on the substance. “The true victims in this case, the hard-working are students who were rejected in the selection process for less qualified students whose families have paid for their access,” says the competent state’s attorney Andrew E. Lelling.

Who is involved?

known Worldwide, the case was by the Actresses Felicity Huffman (56, “Desperate Housewives”) and Lori Loughlin (54, “Full House”), which were successively taken, briefly, and has since been on bail again on free foot. Around 50 people will be involved in the scandal, including 33 parents, including celebrities, investors and entrepreneurs, including Silicon Valley speculator Bill McGlashan (55) and author Jane Buckingham (51, “The Modern Girl’s Guide To Life”).

How the fraud?

in Different ways. Popular the possibility of the children athletic skills to claim that she, as athletes will have better chances at Elite universities. So should be taken according to the “New York Times” a teenage girl for $ 1.2 million as a football special student – without ever professionally played football. For $ 50,000 to a student to be granted a learning disability, so that he could make the standard test with an accomplice who helped him to give the right answers.

In the case of Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli (55), to be paid $ 500,000 to get her two daughters in a rowing Team. Felicity Huffman is said to have achieved, however, with a payment of $ 15,000 that the answers to her daughter were improved at the placement test.

Who has organized it?

The default parameters are already William Rick Singer to be the focal point of the scandal. He is the founder of the study, a consulting and coaching company “The Key”, and taken according to the indictment, since 2011, over $ 25 million, which were disguised as donations and bribes to sports coaches or high school employees were passed. As the state’s attorney Lelling said, to Singer, for example, for documents provided that the children showed as athletes, for example, by image montages or photos.


200 investigators to work according to the “New York Times” under the name of “Operation Varsity Blues” on the case. It has been uncovered the scandal by a former football coach from the Elite University of Yale, the had been bribed, and pleaded guilty.

And the children?

The children didn’t know in many cases that their parents cheated to get them to the schools. What they do not protect from the anger of the Public. As in the case of Olivia Jade (19): The daughter of Lori Loughlin had announced at the beginning of the school year of 2018, on your YouTube channel, you know, how often are you in the school will be. “But I want to make the experience of Football game days and parties. The school does not interest me, as you know.” As the first news came in about the arrest of their mother, celebrated just Spring Break on the Yacht of billionaire Rick Caruso (60) in the Bahamas, as “TMZ” reports.