Julia Dietze in “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”

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The Science-Fiction Comedy “Iron Sky” 2012 prior to the release of a considerable fan base. The strip of the Finnish Director Timo Vuorensola (39) has in the meantime achieved cult status. 21. March to run in Germany with “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” is the continuation. Again, the German actress Julia Dietze (38, “Fack ju Göhte 3”). In an Interview with the news Agency spot on news you, what makes for the charm of the film series, told how she was on part two and what comic character would you like to play on.

Ms. Dietze, Iron Sky has cult Status and a considerable fan base. Has you surprised of this success?

Julia Dietze: I’m still overwhelmed by the energy and bring Fans. Came to our Premiere in Berlin, a lot of Fans dressed in the wildest costumes. I am overjoyed that the Film has received a cult status. “Iron Sky” is from the underground of the Indie films like a Spaceship out shot and pulled with his whimsical Art, many in its spell. I also think, because the filmmakers are so honest, real and crazy authentic.

What do you think, intrigued the audience as to the film series?

Julia Dietze: The Film works through its “Film Noire”Look mystical, but at the same time, a hilarious social satire in a universe where everything is possible.

Have you hesitated to slip once again in the role of Renate Richter, or they said immediately “Yes”? What were your motivations in the decision?

Julia Dietze: I did not hesitate for a second. As the Director Timo Vuorensola has sent the script and said that the sequel would be based on the biggest conspiracy theory in the world, I am immersed for a year for the Research into the world of Conspiracy Theories by Archaeological facts of the Egyptians and Mayans to our DNA strands.

What awaits the Fans in “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”?

Julia Dietze: Action, dinosaurs, Aliens, a love story, and Hollow Earth.

As the first part of The Coming Race, was “funded” primarily through Crowdfunding. How does the rotation work?

Julia Dietze: The Fans are involved from the outset and also to play along the way in mass scenes, to do post suggestions or submit ideas to the Designs of the Spaceships online. You get a great insight into “Behind the Scenes”. I think this breaks the spell and the attachment to “Iron Sky”.

you have once again stood together with Udo Kier in front of the camera, which rotates both in this country and in Hollywood. Have you brought him tips?

Julia Dietze: I guess Udo Kier as a colleague. He is a living movie legend and it was an honour for me to play with him. We have now already shot four movies together. The first Time we were for Til Schweiger’s movie “1 1/2 Ritter” together in front of the camera. Of course you learn on a daily basis in cooperation with colleagues on the Set, but this happens with me rather in silence, Watching.

are you Dreaming of a Hollywood career office Oscar?

Julia Dietze: I am so grateful and overjoyed, my passion – acting – in life and in such wonderful places to travel and inspiring people to meet. For me, the acting is a total Immersion in other worlds, other dimensions, other characters. As my body would breathe when Playing a role, through and through freedom and in the diversity of life immersion.

what movie Franchise would you like to take a role?

Julia Dietze: “Catwoman” in Batman.