Kathy Kelly dares to German Songs

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With the Kelly Family, they celebrated in 2017 making a Comeback. However, the success of your family is Kathy Kelly (56, “Morning of my life”) is already long enough. Since 2001, she is also traveling solo, on may 15. March 2019 appears on their new Album, “Who survived a laugh,” with the tour starting in October in Germany. Why the singer has decided for the first Time for a German-speaking Album, she says in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news.

2017 you have dared, after 18 years of a “Kelly Family”-Comeback with her siblings. What did you mean?

Kathy Kelly: It was a dream we all had and came true. That it actually comes to it, we have not believed themselves properly. Like the Fans and the press have reacted, that was in part better than in the 90s. It felt easy and we get a lot of pleasure.

you have taken responsibility for their siblings. You are still the “mommy” in the family?

Kelly: All adults who also have children or soon will have. So I’m less of a mommy for you, but I’m not always the Oldest in the group, that goes away. I can enjoy life very calm and relaxed, you have everything in control.

the age of 19, they were practically alone, for a large family. Were there situations where you doubted that you create?

Kelly: It was a difficult time, as Barbara-Ann [step-mother of Kathy Kelly, note. d. Red.] died and I had to be Angelo. I had moments where I thought: “Oh, God, happens, hopefully nothing to do with the child”. Most of the time I haven’t thought about it but about whether or not I’m okay with it. The Situation was, and I’ve decided every day I’m here to stay. Angelo is not, fortunately, become super large and very successful today with his family.

they were early, therefore, also a role model. Who has she influenced?

Kelly: Great, female strength has impressed me always. We were in Spain a nanny, which was the sole breadwinner of your family. She has always handled without complaint. In later years, it was my mother, who now lives in America. Music Tina Turner. I always thought, if it has Power, then I can too.

What occurs with the “Kelly Family” you will never forget?

Kelly: My Top three: the Open Air in Switzerland, we were the opening act for Whitesnake and Aerosmith. We were unsure whether we have the Rock Fans like at all and gave everything – in the end you are freaked out. In Vienna we played at a Festival as a Headliner in front of 250,000 people. And last year, Berlin was a Highlight, the forest stage has cooked.

as of 2001, they were the first Kelly-member launched a solo career. Why was this important to you?

Kelly: As a Person you want to let off steam, develop, and also the self-employed, the only way you can be in the group. There are facets in the voice, within a group of no place and I wanted to show. Initially, it was not even funny to stand alone on the stage, now. I have found my perfect Balance.

your new Album is called “Who survived a laugh,” is a life motto you have?

Kelly: as far As I would go. But I’ve noticed that through Laughter, Humor and positive Thinking is much more relaxed, life is easier. As a life motto, I have adopted my grandmother: “I mean well.” If you want someone Good, then that comes back to you.

It is her first English-speaking Album. How did it come about?

Kelly: You have asked me for years whether I would do it, but felt it was ten, twelve years of age are not ready. I’ve only recorded a couple of Singles and have sung in operas of Wagner and Beethoven in German. The Album should tell my life in various countries and I realized that I have spent in Germany, most years of my career. It’s supposed to be a thank you to my German Fans and supporters who never let me fall.

what was it Like for you to Sing in English texts and to?

Kelly: I’m someone who likes challenges. I have only once thought in English and Spanish and then translated. The Singing then was not so difficult as I thought. After two, three Sessions, I had the hang of it. For me, it is singing a honor to your language. It was important to me that I sing my extraordinary kind, and the feelings could also be transported on English.

What to know longtime Kelly Fans through the Album about you?

Kelly: It comes to my own stories, not to my family, what has moved me and shaped. “Torero, a Senior and the Tramp” is from my very first performance on stage with the accordion on the Plaza Major in Madrid. I was twelve years old, very shy, and kept closed in the first moments of the eyes. When I opened it, there stood a huge crowd in front of me. Three men have then collected with the hat money for me. My first earnings, I have saved for months and months.

you’ve travelled a lot around and also sing about Venice, Pamplona, Amsterdam and Paris. There is a place where you feel at home?

Kelly: I’ve lived six years in Ireland as my son is there to College went. That is where I feel at home, there I am among my own people. Also if I was a world traveler, it’s nice to know the older you get, where you belong. The song “Inchydoney told”. If I’m going to live there again, who knows. Ideal is a mixture: in the Winter of Spain, in the summer of Ireland, and at Christmas in Germany (laughs).

After so many stations are in your career – What you want to achieve?

Kelly: I have as an Opera singer training I want to pursue. Also an Album in English, Spanish, or another one in German I can think of. My musical curiosity is infinite.