Thousands of pensioners demonstrated on Thursday, October 18, against the increase of the CSG and the shot of the plane on the pensions provided for the next year, hoping to increase the “crackle” appeared in the great day between the government and a part of deputies of the majority.

“A life work, a life to contribute and now rackettés” : the sign is seen in the procession in paris is reminiscent of the events of September 2017, march and June 2018. Like the three previous times, the same nine unions and associations of pensioners (CGT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC, FSU, Solidaires, FGR, LSR and UNRPA) have called for a “general mobilization” to defend the ” pensions in danger “. In the capital, between the Opera square and that of the Republic, the organizers have counted Thursday afternoon 15 000 participants (3 500 according to the prefecture of police) under the sun, including a number of large battalions of the CGT.

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Retirees determined

“I will fight until my pension reverts to its level before the increase of the CSG,” says Michel, 76 years old, former employee of space research who is said to have lost 80 euros per month since January. Claude, 76 years, loses him 850 euros per year, or “two weeks holiday in a cottage” for the former worker of the aerospace industry. “We are here to defend the few rights for which we fought when we were working,” added Rosine, a former moderator social.

other rallies were planned in over fifty cities in the mainland. Local media have counted 1,500 people in Bordeaux (800, according to the police, 500 to Pau and 400 in Bayonne. The AFP reporters also were 700 demonstrators at Périgueux and 200 to Marseille, while 300 people marched in Nantes, according to police.

A mobilization below that of 15 march, a culmination of the movement that had brought together 200 000 participants in the ” group of nine “. “This is not a disappointment. There is always a hard core, determined not to accept the government’s measures “, says Didier Hood, FO, who finds that these budget choices cause “of the cracks in the majority” in parliament.

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deputies LRM loans to ease the reform of the CSG

twenty deputies LRM has tabled an amendment to the draft law of financing social Security (PLFSS) for 2019, and introduce “more progressivity in the rate of the CSG” for retirees, adopted against the advice of the rapporteur-general Olivier Véran.

This amendment, which must once again be voted on in the chamber next week to be included in the PLFSS, is indicative of a disagreement on the ” fix ” promised by Edouard Philippe. The Prime minister had conceded after 15 march, a gesture of tax in favour of retirees modest, which is expected to affect 350 000 households according to the PLFSS. But that does not change anything for about 60 % of the 16 million retirees, who receive no compensation of the increase of the CSG, and pay and the decreases in contributions for the employees.

” They do not know where to take the subject. They feel that the electorate retired beyond their control, ” observes Michel Salingue, of the FGR. All the more that pensioners will still be put to work next year to balance the accounts of social Security : pensions in the basic will be uprated by only 0.3 %, when the rise in price is expected to reach 1.3 %. This shot of a plane decided by the executive aims to save € 2.8 billion and thus present a budget in surplus for the first time since 2001.

In total, ” in three years, one month of pension will have been taken in the pocket of the pensioners “, according to the organizers of the protests on Thursday, which are already considering new dates of mobilization. “This will not be the last day of action,” says Maud Giloux, of the CFE-CGC. “We don’t have the choice, because the budget is being negotiated at this time “, says Jean-Pierre Floret, of the CGT.

A meeting is scheduled for 5 November to discuss possible “extensions” of the movement.

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