Chronic. The Lebanese, who do not hate the autocélébration, could speak of a miracle. They do not, perhaps out of superstition. But, here in Beirut, at a time when the Syria account of his wounds, one is tempted to greet him, cautiously, if not a miracle lebanese, the less of an amazing collective performance : the country of the Cedar held.

during Seven years, Syria has been – and the case is far from over – the theater of a conflict that has inflamed a number of fault lines across Lebanon. The clash has not overwhelmed or barely. No wicks that lit from the syrian territory, would have been able to plunge the Lebanese in the war has crossed the border – the battle between the muslim shiites and sunnis, fueled by the sponsors iranians and saudis, has remained confined to the theatre of syria.

Hat, the artists ! The wars of Syria have reached Lebanon without contaminating the Lebanese. But the bloody chaos that has ravaged the grand neighbour was not less keenly felt here. One of the political forces in lebanon – Hezbollah, armed and financed by Iran – entered the war, at the request of Tehran. Training dominant among the shia of Lebanon, the Hezbollah came to support, in a decisive way, the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. Supported at arm’s length by Tehran, the Syrian, a member of a sect minority close to shi’ism, was eventually to triumph in an uprising dominated by sunni muslims of the country.

Fears and mistrust

Those people have fled the fighting, massively, and one and a half million of them have found refuge in Lebanon : reported to the country’s population (4 million), it’s a bit like if France had had to accommodate sixteen million immigrants. In a country like Lebanon that already has 400 000 palestinian refugees, the shock wave of immigration to the syrian shakes all parts of the country : 35 % christian, 30 % shia muslim, and 30 % of muslims are sunni and 5 % Druze. Each…