Which key gets you to the feeder?

This question is easy to answer: All of the keys belonging to the rented object. Depending on what you have rented, you will receive during move-in, house key, house key, garage key, basement key, memory key, .

How many copies you get depends on the lease agreement. Is there a exact number, the lessee receives them. Otherwise, he may request for each resident a key. Alone can, however, require two keys.

What if the key to be handed over late?

not to Be handed the keys on time, violated the landlord of his contractual obligation to the tenant to leave the apartment during the rental period to use. Tenants can mitigate in this case, the rent. To do this, you need to calculate how much rent is to be paid per day. For each day the apartment can not be used in the absence of keys, can be claimed back in the day-rent to 100 percent. In addition, the landlord must nights in, as a rule, the costs for the necessary hotel or the storage of furniture, etc. PDF Secure key exchange

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the landlord key is Allowed to keep?

no, the landlord may, in principle, do not retain any key, not even for the emergency. He is obliged to hand over all the keys, which he owns, to the tenant. Only, if the hirer expressly agrees that the landlord retains a key, is something else. But even then, the landlord with the key may not enter the apartment, but must always ask permission first. The Person

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What you can do if the landlord a key?

the landlord a key, without the consent of the tenant, that is illegal. The lessee should call upon him first, really all the keys. The landlord of this request, may be entitled the tenant to leave the castle at the expense of the landlord to replace. The landlord enters with the retained a key without permission of the apartment, may terminate the tenancy with immediate effect.

you Must place in case of prolonged absence of keys to the apartment for the landlord?

tenants have a so-called duty of Care for the apartment. This means that tenants must do everything you reasonably can to protect the apartment against risks. This obligation does not, you must always meet, even if you are a long time. In the case of longer absences tenant must therefore ensure that no avoidable damage to the apartment or go out. For this purpose, a spare key should be stored. But that need not be forced when the landlord, but also can be with neighbours or good friends done.

What happens when you lose keys or they are stolen?

If a tenant, lose your key or it is stolen, you should immediately inform your landlord. This will, in most cases, the replacement of locks. The cost for the exchange can ask the landlord, under certain circumstances, the forgetful tenant. The prerequisite for this is that the tenant at the loss of a key one to blame. This is the smallest negligence or carelessness is enough. Therefore, tenants should make sure that the key is lost, the insurance is covered for protection of your liability.

you May copy the apartment key, if more keys are needed?

There are a number of cases, in which tenants will need more keys than you by the landlord. For example, for the neighbors to watering the flowers, as a replacement for the emergency, for the cleaning lady, the Babysitter or the care service. The tenant must then leave at their own cost, the key for you. You must inform the landlord, because he has a right to know how many keys are in circulation.

let tenants have the lock changed?

During the rental period, the tenant has the right to. This right also includes the replacement of the apartment’s lock. However, the tenant should not dispose of the old locks and keys. The landlord may request the termination of the lease, namely that the locks be changed back.

What happens when you returns when you extract all the keys?

from the tenant, he must give all the keys back. He does not, because he finds, for example, a key that is in breach of its contractual duty and must replace the resulting damage. This means that, in General, he must assume the costs for a replacement of the lock.

who do you have to give the keys back?

The keys to the apartment must always be in the landlords returned, because he is the contract partner, in contrast, all of the obligations under the lease. Since the handing over of the key is the Central Element of the apartment to return and for the start of the limitation period, should the tenant allow the Transfer acknowledge. The landlord refuses to come to the apartment to handover the keys or the key to take back, should give the tenants in other ways, for example in the letter box for the landlord to throw what he’s done but personally and testify. A Handing over of the keys to neighbors or the caretaker is not enough anyway.