Model Bella Hadid has a flawless complexion and a Beauty secret she shares with her sister Gigi!

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not only are you tall, slim and beautiful – they also have a flawless skin. The good news: the Supermodels are not alone the good genes for the radiant complexion responsible. Anyone who thinks that Bella Hadid and co. put on expensive luxury cosmetics, is wrong. Many swear by the use of unusual care routines that work little cost and really. Which we can tell here …

toothpaste for pimples

swearing, The model sisters Bella Hadid (22) and Gigi Hadid (23) in the case of pimples on a tried and true Trick: toothpaste! “My sister has advised me time and I feel that it helps really well,” said Bella, once in an Interview. The Trick actually works, because toothpaste dries out the pimples literally. However, it should be only as an emergency weapon, and comments sparingly on the affected areas of the applied – otherwise, it may cause skin irritation.

deep cleaning with water-vapor

in order for the skin between the Runway, shoots and Castings of the whole Make-up procedure can have a rest, treat yourself to Olivia Hunter regularly with a deep cleansing for your pores. And because of the Spa visit, the Newcomer-Model a bowl with hot water put on for this easy and keeps your face for a few minutes with a towel over it. If you like, you can still give a bit of mint tea, or sea salt – cheaper pores are hard to clean!

Ex-Supermodel Karolina Kurkova (35) swears to water vapor and also focuses on quite a sour morning routine: lemon juice for face wash. “The acid clears my pores and dries pimples immediately. That sounds maybe not so glamorous, but my skin glows since I’m doing this”, the beautiful Czech girl.

ice water for a fresh complexion

No, it should know better as Kate Moss (45): after a long Party night and still look fresh, it needs a little Beauty action. “Give ice and cucumber slices in a basin and put your head,” said Moss once in an Interview with the “Daily Mirror”. The cold makes the skin fresh and plump look and guard it is then!

brush massage for a tight skin

the Ex-“Victoria’s Secret”angel Miranda Kerr (35), deals extensively with the topic of skin care, she has even brought a private Beauty Label on the market. But expensive care products are not her only Beauty secret: The native Australian swears to daily brush massages, stimulate the blood circulation and thus for a taut skin.

eating right

That Models attention to your diet, is well known. In front of the large View, or before important shoots, each on sugar, salt-containing food and of course alcohol is dispensed so pretty. The vices are not only unhealthy, but to wash the skin. Instead, there are alkaline vegetables and proteins. And, of course, valid for each Model: water, water, water drink!


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