Is now a Fan of glitter and Glamour: Sandra Kuhn

©imago/mocking Picture

new year’s eve is coming and so is also the question of what to wear to the formal occasion for many. “Explosive”-presenter Sandra Kuhn (37, “Blood Road”) seems to have already for an Outfit to be decided. At least they post in photos of themselves in stylish robes, which remind you of wedding dresses. The news Agency spot on news you reveals her Fashion tip: “at the moment, I see a lot of women to Events in white clothes, reminiscent of wedding dresses. This is really hot.”

The “Absolution” for the bride dress

Also you can follow this Trend. “Normally you wear a wedding dress only once in his life and to his wedding,” she says and recalls, it seems to be from your own wedding with her boyfriend Kristof Kuhn in August 2016. “Now, you have the Absolution, the attract time on a different day. I think it’s beautiful, because there are so many great white dresses,” says the presenter.

Actually, Kuhn was always “Anti-sparkle”. “But since then, I was able to run a couple of dresses, I think to myself: Actually, it’s quite nice,” she says. In their opinion, Gold and Nude – tones is currently at the top of the Fashion list. To match the glitter dress is decorated with the 36-Year-old, by the way: “We hang the light strings. Because our daughter is everything that is colorful and sparkles like.”