A sporty compact sedan for an affordable price? As the successor to three many people in addition to the legendary 02 BMW. In the meantime, the current Generation of sails is surrounded by numerous competitors from home and abroad at the upper end of the middle class. Affordable prices-as is so often a matter of opinion. Nevertheless, anyone who is interested in a sedan from the middle class, the BMW three. dpa/Thomas Geiger, Everything SUV, or what? Not quite: As the conventional sedan, the seventh Generation of the Threesome is in the case of BMW at the auto show its debut.

That will not change with the launch of the latest Generation (internal designation G20) – on the contrary. Because of the new Threesome is technically better than ever, offering more room and a broad motor portfolio. The Threesome is for BMW is a major car – it’s no wonder that the Design of neither the inside nor the outside, much was risked. The once-popular inline six-cylinder it is only for the top models of the 330d and M340i.

the New BMW 3-series grows significantly

he grew up with – very nice and big. A length increase of more than eight centimeters presses the G20, with 4,71 meters are on the wide edge of the middle class. The customers in Europe and specially in Germany, recently out of the service clientele of the car. Proportions and cut of the four-door have hardly changed. A significant increase in the wheelbase (41 mm) and the gauge does not behave in front (43 mm) and rear (21 mm) do only the space in the interior, but in particular, the handling is good. The Front of the all-new model is a bit flat, the former double-round eyes are only hinted at dimly and the flat tail lights in the L Design are a new spin that will continue with the Z4 and 8. Series are the front lights as the rear of a contemporary LED, as well as a basic package of driver assistance systems. BMW BMW 3 series 2018

Digital Cockpit is not but the jump is big enough

Following the model of the new BMW X5, the Cockpit presents itself. New the oppositely arranged scales for the speedometer and tachometer, whose fields can be animated in different play. Pale, it looks to the right of the driver, the center console presents a satisfying and tidy, but for a vehicle that is likely to, depending on the body variant, a life cycle of at least seven years, the leap into the future is hardly large enough. The operation of the various vehicle functions via the steering Wheel, language (also free entry Hey BMW), gesture, touch screen or the rotary-Push button.

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Only at a surcharge there is the 12.3-inch instrument cluster, and the already anything other than opulent 10.25-inch control display for Navigation, music, and other functions. Compared to its highly successful predecessor, the new three-Generation, despite the size increase of 55 kilograms lighter. Behind the first electrically-controlled tailgate, the 480-litre load space by Folding down the rear can seats in the ratio 40:20:40 according to expand. BMW BMW 3 2018: the Cockpit

Diesel and gasoline engine from 184 HP

The market launch at the beginning of March, the new three BMW with five engine options is available. So there are two two-liter gasoline engine 320i (184 HP, 300 Nm, 5.7 Liter standard fuel consumption) and 330i (258 HP, 400 Nm, 5.8 liters), and the two two-litre Diesel 318d (150 PS, 320 Nm, 4.2 liters of standard fuel consumption) and 320d (190 PS, 400 Nm, 4.4 liters). The two Diesel are to get to the Start with a six-speed manual transmission. All other models start with an eight-speed automatic. Michael Gebhardt/SP-X, The new BMW 3 series celebrates its Paris Premiere

After all, the BMW 330d is a 195 kW / 265 HP and 580 Nm of torque inline-six-cylinder offered, is not likely to attract with a low fuel consumption of 4.8 litres of Diesel only kilo metre eater. During the first all-wheel drive will be offered version of the 320d xDrive for the market launch, the range-topping M 340i xDrive and other all-wheel drive versions later on. For the first time in the BMW three can be a damper, which are intended both to provide sportiness and driving comfort have been installed. In addition to the sports suspension including lowering, an adaptive suspension with controlled dampers.

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In the safety equipment how the competition in the basic model, only the base modules. The standard features of the lane departure assistant and approach control and person warning with light City braking function. Optionally, among other things, Head-Up Display and adaptive cruise control with traffic jam function as well as lane change, rear end collision and cross-traffic alert are offered. As a complete package for comfort and safety Driving Assistant Professional is available, which includes a steering and tracking wizard. The prices are not fixed yet; however, expected to be slightly above those of the previous model. Additional engine variants as well as the wagon version of the three Touring will follow in the coming year. Is produced the new model in BMW’s Munich headquarters, as well as a Version with an extended wheelbase in the plant Tiexi in Shenyang, China and in the new plant in San Luis Potosí in Mexico.

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