Who attended this year’s photo exhibitions, he can hardly be missed: Peter Lindbergh, 2017 omnipresent. Just a great Show in Rotterdam has come to an end, since the 3. February will see his photographs at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, and 13. April also shows the Kunsthalle Munich Lindbergh.

on the Occasion of his 70. Birthday of the publishing house Schirmer Mosel, the photographer donated a picture book that gathered together the woman photographs for the period between 2005 and 2014. On the 175 photos that were so, are so represented celebrities such as Nadja Auermann, Monica Bellucci, Juliette Binoche, Sofia Coppola, Nina Hoss, Milla Jovovich, Chiara Mastroianni, Charlotte Rampling, Tilda Swinton or Kate Winslet.

What kind of Reputation has Lindbergh achieved with his photographs, in the meantime, you can see what other artists have ennobled the new book. Grand master three art forms of control texts of the “Images of Women II”: the high writer Peter Handke, directed by God and Wim Wenders, the renowned art historian Werner Spies.

Actually wanted Peter Lindbergh, painter, be responsive

That Lindbergh so different personalities for a reason. Because of the 1944 as Peter Brodbeck, Born initially wanted to be a painter. In the early 1960s he came to Berlin, where he took night classes at the art Academy. From 1965, he studied at the art school in Krefeld, painting and Design. His great role model was Vincent van Gogh.

Cindy Crawford to Claudia Schiffer

Supermodels, such as star photographer Peter Lindbergh saw you

Carsten Heidböhmer

To the beginning of the 70s, he discovered photography, and threw all previous plans. The change of the form of art, however, has made a new name necessary. Because there was a photographer with the name Peter Brodbeck. In order to avoid the risk of confusion, he gave himself the name of Lindbergh.

in 1978, the year of his breakthrough, he moved to Paris. Since he had already Know his typical Black-and-Aesthetics developed, which should dominate in the following decades his work. The next big career step came in 1988. “Vogue”-Boss Anna Wintour took him to New York. In the American metropolis Lindbergh was in exactly the right place to be as a photographer, significantly, the Era of the Supermodels in shape.

The good contacts to the top models, Actresses and other beauties, has not since been demolished. All of them are to be found in “Images of Women II”.

Peter Lindbergh: “Images of Women II. photographs 2005-2014”. With texts by Werner Spies, Wim Wenders and Peter Handke
296 pages, 166 illustrations, 78 Euro

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