“The little Lord” is subject to the “king of football”. The top of the game Borussia Dortmund against Borussia Mönchengladbach saw on Friday evening 6,92 million viewers on ZDF. The Bundesliga autumn Champions from Dortmund won with 2:1 and the Second one had an audience share of 21.5 percent.

The repetition of the Christmas classic “The little Lord” had the best broadcast time of 5,79 million viewers, earning the ARD for a market share of 17.9 percent. For over three decades, the British melodrama runs with Ricky Schroder and Alec Guinness around Christmas eve on German television, and a generally unchallenged the rate of victory.

The Christmas special of the quiz show “saw Who wants to be a millionaire” with Günther Jauch on RTL to 3.91 million (12.2 percent). The Christmas clothes “the Santa Clause 3 – A frosty Christmas” saw on Vox 1.50 million (4.7 percent). The U.S. Science Fiction movie “Transformers: age of extinction” turned on ProSieben 1.37 million (4.8 percent).

The satellite.1-Show, “Luke! The year, and I – The Comedy review of the year” attracted 1.25 million (4.2 percent) in front of the screen. On cable one 0.91 million wanted a further consequence of the crime series “Navy CIS: L. A.” see (2.9 percent). For the US Comedy “Hitch – The Date doctor” who is interested in RTL II, an average of 570 000 people (1.8 per cent).