Maxi Biewer in the case of a TV recording

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A laughing fit in front of the camera in the summer of 2001 changed the life of TV Star Maxi Biewer (54): “Hardly anything has contributed to my long years as a weather presenter to my reputation as a mishap! In hindsight, the misfortune was the Best thing that could happen to me. I can’t say often of misadventures!”, she writes in her just-published book, “I do it from rain and sunshine” (owl mirror publishing house). Even international your funny TV glitch caused quite a stir, as Biewer tells, in an Interview with spot on news.

“Very many people, even those that look never RTL, delight,” says the weather forecaster. “It has been clamped by means of the Internet even the arc of the common laughter from new Zealand to North America. It has shaped my Image – and in this case is not a disadvantage.” Even today, many people come to you, “and there are consistently positive responses I get. There are also letters from people for whom it is otherwise not so good life, for example, have depression and take after the short fit of laughter again, a bit more positive mood in your day. What more could you want??”

That many people don’t think of this mishap, when you hear the name Maxi Biewer bothering you: “I think this ‘blunder’ has brought me a lot of sympathy. There is also no drama was. A Dutch talk show host had taken as much worse. He had such a fit of laughter, as it was a very serious issue.”

These Outfits were for conversation

Since 1992, the Biewer is already working as a weather presenter, in her book, she describes what happens behind the Scenes of RTL-television world, and how their Job has changed through the years. Also on your clothes there’ve been a lot of discussion, she writes. And which of your TV Outfits provided the most conversation? “Oh, there were several over the years! A long dress in Hawaiian style with large flowers and ruffles flounce was in Trouble, in the back with clothespins covered by the dress was also not so good…,” says the 54-Year-old.

On the question, which means your fashion, replied Biewer: “you must often be practical.” You love “but especially dresses and costumes from the period of the 30s to the 60s. This is a wide range, I know, but I’m a Gemini, ascendant in Gemini and the may simply decide bad and have a lot of preferences”. More Biewer says: “With the way you dress, is a tribute to not only himself but also his environment, friends, family, colleagues. This is, unfortunately, something lost with time, which I think is a shame. I’ve kept this ‘retreat’ in my life and enjoy the people in my environment.”

“Short hair is me to a lot of work”

Not only the clothes, but also Maxi Biewer hairstyle has changed over the years, more or less voluntarily. What you think today, if you look at pictures from the 90s? “I was really surprised when my colleagues, the 25th year of RTL-jubilee had a Film cut together with my first appearance in front of the weather map. As I turned to the side, you saw the breaks a shop window to your hair,” she says. “Today I know that Short hair is me to a lot of work. As for the fashion, I’d steer clear of shoulder pads today. The 90s I think still reasonably okay. Bad s’in the’ 70s, the multi-colored bell-bottoms, and the other is Terrible.”

Biewer also knows a couple of Tricks to address the situation that you are in the television one to two dress sizes fatter: “Black is a gracious color (always, if it is not a color). High-heels-range, of course, as are longer skirts or dresses. A V-neck can work wonders, while a crew neck is always the best choice. And in a Dirndl every woman looks great – but unfortunately, so rare in television…”

a Lot of fun with Raab

provided That, Stefan Raab has been immortalized once in a Rap, Biewer additional fame: “I found and still find it funny, what has he done to my Moderation,” she says today. “I myself have drawn a Rap never considered. Many of the younger viewers then wanted autographs from Maxi Beaver….but I was not able to deliver.”

Biewers man comes from Canada. For most of the year she spends in Germany, as she explains: “I work a lot and with passion. The rest are in Canada – and good food too! Through Skype, the world has become a very together and so I spend a few hours every day with my husband. If he is, for example, at home in the evenings, I go into the night to work. And 90 days in 180 days, he must be in Germany. It doesn’t matter that we celebrate a silver wedding anniversary. In Germany you are allowed to have only his main residence, so the immigration office. There are countries that are somewhat friendly.”