the one with The head cut off is a difficult thing. To not know the beginning of Fatih akin’s new Film “The Golden glove” by Fritz Honka, what should he do with the woman’s body. Honka – a figure with gebücktem Gang and crooked teeth – takes the saw. From sets, chips, drinks liquor, smokes a. Then he puts hit: “It’s a tear.”

is won, The Director Fatih Akin’s “gegen die wand” in 2004, the Berlinale, the Golden bear. Now he is told to “Tschick” and “Out of nowhere” the story of a serial killer. According to the novel by Heinz Strunk. Honka, the man who has killed in the 70s in Hamburg, several women and dismembered. The body parts he hid in his attic apartment.

akin’s Film is the moment way disgusting, sometimes whimsical, sometimes exciting, but never go under the skin. More than a kaleidoscope of horror is not shown. Of a very different impact of the German contribution to the competition “systems busters”.

Nora Fingscheidt, gives her debut as writer and Director of a feature film. It shows the difficulties the company has to fits of rage and outbreaks of violence-prone child. Benni is such a child. The ten-year-old Helena Zengel not playing so convincing that you know how to help the child.

The Film is charged with strong emotions, falls but never to the Sentimental. As the “systems busters is likely to make” at least mentally with Angela Schanelecs of the movie, “I was at home, but”. The new Film of the Director is seen on Tuesday in the competition.

Schanelec, one of the most famous representatives of the so-called Berlin school, occupied a niche. Your supercooled films usually reach only a small audience. What is regarded as the fundamental Problem of German cinema. Millions of hits, as is currently the Caroline left, “The Boy needs fresh air”, are the exception. Your Film describes touching the Childhood of Hape Kerkeling in the 70s in the Ruhr area.

Fatih Akin looks into “The Golden glove” on the same period of time. But with a dark look. He shows, especially lost in the homonymous tavern. Quite clear: For a nice evening with the family, as well as with the Kerkeling-movie, not good for the “glove”. Not only, because it is only free from 18.

in addition to the main cast Jonas Dassler, the turns with a lot of mask into a Monster, and also Actresses such as Margarethe Tiesel and Martina Eitner-Acheampong, the Film is a painful physicality. They play women who are at the very bottom. Alcoholics and former prostitutes.

Much of it is staged like a Grotesque. Honka is hanging up against the corpse, smell the green scent of trees. There is murder puked on, strangled, slaughtered, raped,. Usually this happens rather, it is to be expected, not surprising as it is a horror Shocker.

you had been aware of the fact that you showed hard things, grants to producer Nurhan Sekerci-Porst. For the Team, they would have had psychologists on the Set. Like some scene I feel for the Actresses? They had felt during the shoot not shipped, insured Tiesel. “The truth is simply told.” For the audience, but this is often hard to bear.

He didn’t celebrate violence, but disturbing to show, says Akin. “The Film is perhaps not for everyone. And that’s okay.” Akin is himself a Hamburger. The 45-Year-old knows St. Pauli and the sticky counter of the neighborhood taverns / local bars. He didn’t want to give all the characters Dignity. Of the murderer, but also the women. In them, he wanted to show the will to Survive.

the First reviews after the Premiere on Saturday night was controversial. “Spiegel Online” said it was a “Splatter-chamber game”: After Leaving the cinema “would like to get a shower very hot and then intense with mouthwash gargle”. Disgust will not solve the Film – “much more”. Actually Honkas apartment is so filthy that you wanted to touch anything: Tilt, grain bottles, naked pictures.

The RBB saw the “first great scandal of the festival”: The world, Akin to the canvas to bring, to be undignified, a abstruse Grotesque and the Film. A critic for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” stated that they find the hatred of women in the Film “painful”, “highly problematic” and “too empty”. The Berlin “daily mirror” said, however, it is a “managed to be darker” movie.