His father calls it only an “eccentric” proposal: John’s mother has chosen to live with a woman. And so your happiness is perfect, want to the two a child and the son as a sperm donor.

the father of The child would then be at the same time as his brother. And not only that, Jan has a crush on the new partner of his mother. This daring family constellation, it’s on Wednesday (13. March, 20.15 clock)) in the First in the Comedy “The friend of my mother.”

sounds So absurd is the idea, so Jan has to laugh and with a “My seed belongs to me!” first of all, all the plans of his mother and destroys – so crazy, what happened after the proposal: During the half of the family and circle of friends, and their colleagues discussed whether the desire is now impossible, or impossible, regulates the mother Viktoria the Contractual. Jan chatting, meanwhile, with the Beloved of his mother on their extensive sexual experiences.

For public television Prime time some of this sounds as daring. The screenwriter Martin Roebuck looks so: “a ARD-Film in Prime time, the choice of the topic and the decision to make it a Comedy, is quite unusual.”

The Whole thing is coming to a head, when it comes to actual sperm donation. “Here it is,” says Viktoria, and pushes her son, whose old cocoa Cup in the Hand. In his old nursery, so he was not feeling well. Also Magazine – and the excitement she has Tits to him, worried: “Big-Tits, small-Tits, giant – I don’t know what you like.” The language is clear. Some viewers will be able to laugh about it, others shake, maybe only the head.

Katja Flint plays the ultra-loose mother who wants to animate your son to sleep with his roommate. The self-confident and successful publisher has given her husband once. He lives in their basement apartment and takes care of the Laundry and the garden (“mowing the lawn of the Sex of the old man.”). With Rosalie (Antje Traue), has a significantly younger partner. Your feminist views about the “myth” of the possibility of friendships between men and women, Victoria shares with her son, just as uninhibited, as you let your underwear in the kitchen.

Max Kellerman, in turn, plays the God son, who loves Marcel Proust, more than a bookstore leads and for the search for the perfect woman: a check-list. “My mother takes me to the women,” complained he, once his roommate, Hannah (Jasna Fritzi Bauer), who uses his love escapades for Stand-up Comedy.

The Film is on the one hand, relaxed with homosexuality. The associated, serious theme of the desire to have a child of lesbian or gay couples moves because of some of the scenes and the strange-seeming debate about the donation of semen, and of the son, at times in the Background. Nevertheless, it manages the balancing act the creators. And finally, the Film ends after a few turns, as befits a romantic Comedy.