Leonardo DiCaprio is not only an Oscar winner, but also a committed environmental activist. Whether the “Planetary Health Diet” would be something for him?

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food are distributed to the world so unfair as rain. Some have decided to much, the other too little. Created by 37 scientists, who have designed the “Planetary Health Diet”. Special: This diet is intended to apply to the whole of humanity and our earth save.

Actually, the term “diet” is the wrong word. This is because, unlike the mostly short-term diets, the aim is often to weight loss, the “earth diet” as a long-term change in Diet. To not only the planet – “planetary” – benefit, but also to prevent disease and the health – “health” – to promote.

From theory to practice

But what is on the dining plan? For most of little surprise: vegetables. A minimum of 350 grams, the person should take daily. For this purpose, 250 grams of milk products, and 232 grams of whole-grain products. Precise to a gram legumes are also 75 grams on the plate, 50 grams of nuts, 29 grams of chicken, 28 grams of fish, and exactly 13 grams of Egg, which on Sundays is likely to make for Brunch with the obligatory egg rather difficult, because how much Egg are 13 grams?

according to the study, saves the formula for the perfect form of nutrition for eleven million people a year. The difficulty is likely to lie in the implementation. So people in the world need to change their eating habits. In practice, this means less fish for Asians, less red meat for Europeans and North Americans. Theoretically can be done by the “earth diet” a lot for our planet: fewer greenhouse gases, conservation of biodiversity, and more drinking water. The only questions remains: How to separate an Egg to 13 grams of is exactly?