It is now a good three months that Daniela Büchner, 41, lost her husband. Jens Büchner, TV emigrant and Party singer, died in November of 2018, surprisingly. His family is dedicated to the death of the 49-Year-old, once of grief, and yourself, is absolutely comprehensible. Of a widow, Daniela, you heard in the last few weeks, nothing.

Jens Büchner

Malle-Stars concert schedule for its children


But now, after the first shock is at least processed a little, she logged on for the first Time in a detailed Statement. The TV station RTL, she sent a Video message in which she thanked him warmly for the sympathy and support of friends and Fans of her late husband. It was a tough time. She adds: “We have recovered a bit, but still, it’s all still very new and we have to see how it goes. Even professionally.”

Daniela Büchner must alone to care for her five children

Daniela Büchner needs to take care of themselves alone to the education of her little twins Jenna and Diego. She also has three children from a previous relationship. Jens Büchner had children from his first marriage and his relationship with Jenny, Matthias, 31, was also seen in the German TV Show “Goodbye Deutschland”, even a total of three more. Finally, all of the family members, after the previous turbulent times, a good relationship to each other.

Also, Jens’ widow, Daniela took the opportunity, on the planned benefit concert “good-bye, Jens – Party-Stars stick together” in the Grugahalle in Essen on the 23. To make February’s attention. You have to know it and wanted to thank every single artist who appeared there for her husband: “I know he is in heaven rocking out, he’s going to love it.” It would also be very fond of yourself, previously, you would have to clarify, however, whether that was with home compatible. Because your family is just naturally in the first place.